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I just got accepted into Jersey College which use to be Center for Allied Health and Nursing. I will be attending orientation on Feb 6 and start date on Feb 10. Are any of you enrolled in this... Read More

  1. by   georgiag
    Are there any up to date post about Jersey College Jacksonville Campus? I want to start there in August.
  2. by   Bella1846
    Hey! I just started the General RN track at the Jacksonville campus. We are going on week 4 and so far so good! a couple people have dropped out for financial reasons/personal things..but it looks like everyone in my class is doing really well. The teachers really want you to succeed and always double check with us to make sure we understand the material. There are a few students who are immature/rude/checked out but they usually dont last long. My advice would to be sit in the front, take very clean organized notes, and ask questions! Alot of the teachers allow open book quizzes so taking great notes is a must. They are strict on uniform and want us looking sharp. Mostly because when clinicals begin it wont be such a culture shock. The tuition is a bit pricey but its totally worth it. There are tons of tutoring sessions and tools to help you along the way. The whole campus has a family feel to it. I mean ive only been with my class for 4 weeks and it feels like family. Everyone has a story and we all want the same thing. To become an RN. I highely reccommend this school. My mom and i toured it and loved it. Whenever i wear my uniform and coat and im out in public i get tons of questions about the school and i speak very highely of it. Some of the comments in here that are trashing the school are people who just had a bad expreince and are over dramatic. It depends what kind of student you are and if you really want this. I really hope you attend in august! Heck i may see you there
  3. by   sgrassler1
    Hey Bella, so after getting denied from FSCJ twice with over 210 points, I decided to stop wasting my time. I have an appointment with Jersey College on the 28th to check out the campus. I am going to apply for the RN program. How hard was it for you to get in? Do you have an estimate of the cost? Reviews says this school is good so I am hoping this is where I will succeed. Did you make sure they are accredited?
  4. by   Bella1846
    Hey there! And the General RN track right? Not the bridge. And it wasent too hard for me to get in. I'll say it's a process though. They need basically every document that makes you up as a person. They also want an essay about an interview with a registered nurse. You do have to do an interview with one of the department chairs as well. They do background checks and things like that. For me since I'm living at home to get through school I am not financially independent so I do have to pay a little more. I took out a small loan and do pay a little over 800 a month but that's because they saw my dads tax returns...������ For most it's very different. A lot of the ones that are in my class get pell grants and basically free rides. Financial aid is extremely helpful and will break down the cost for you the best they can. For the accredited my mom and I checked the nursing board of education to see if they were approved of accredidation and it has a green check mark so no problems there and the school website states it as well.
  5. by   sgrassler1
    Thank you for the information. So after you complete the program, do you plan on working in a hospital or a nursing home? I was thinking of getting my RN and going back to work for UF health.
  6. by   sgrassler1
    So I just got back from a tour of Jersey College and I was overall pretty happy with the place. The cost is pretty high, but it does include books, uniform, instruments, etc. The one thing I cannot figure out is they have no requirements of classes... like pre reqs. Do you really not need any pre reqs at all to apply here? I just found that crazy... that someone fresh out of high school and apply straight here without taking college classes.

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