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How I got into Trinitas NURE 130 - UCC Jan 2011 - page 4

this is a run down of getting into trinitas nure 130 through ucc. i just had the first class this monday, jan of 2011. it's great to finally be in and doing it. 5 more semesters and i can move on... Read More

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    Hi, you might wanna check the invitation process, I heard now invitations won't be sent anymore, you actually have to go and apply to trinitas, my friend just did it for spring 2012, she said there is a form that has to be filled out, and they will respond to you in a couple of weeks, I guess to review your info, I would imagine so just make sure you don't miss that.....and stay waiting for an invitation that will probably never come...
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    The more details you can give, the better. I'll talk to *** and see if the process has changed. Thanks for this update.
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    [font=times]vinster i got your email but i am not allowed to pm anymore.. i just wanted to say thanks for getting back to me.. and i look forward to reading all about 131!

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    Katrina526 & Pompo,

    Good morning! Happy New Year to all! I start my NURS 130 for spring this week and I noticed on the calendar on angel it says we have a pre-test on math. YIKES! I wonder if it will count or is it a practice test? I am so scared---did you guys take it already, and if so if you don't mind is it basic math, conversions, or like algebra? Any information is appreciated. Thanks so much.
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    Can i just remind everyone of the Terms of Service of the site and not to post actual instructor or contact names of the nursing school you are attending etc. I have edited several posts and removed contact and instructor names
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    Hi everyone! I just received my invitation e-mail this afternoon to go in and register for NURE-130 for Summer 2012. I am currently enrolled in my first semester with UCC, taking CHE 105 and PSY 204 (Psych of Lifespan). I thought they accepted applicants based on a point system (GPA with them + credits with them) so I am slightly confused as to how I received an invitation when I do not yet have a GPA established with the school. Oh well, I'm not complaining!! Anyone else starting this summer?
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    Yes it is by a point system. Just because one is invited doesn't grant them admission. There is still a process that day after they speak about the program to meet with a counselor down the hall which they will line up according to your points. Next that counselor will check your profile and if you qualify you choose your day. Shortly after they send you over to the next building to register. Good luck!
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    How are you guys liking the Trinitas program? I am really contemplating whether or not to go here because of all the mixed reviews. Is it possible to even pass trinitas?
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    Freckles, this may be too late a response but yes it is possible. We had 210 in our entry class and 70 pass at the end. Any good program will have many people fail. A school in Staten Island had 30 entrants and only 2 pass recently. Trinitas does not interview but accepts you by academic and other criterium so may have more not pass that might have been screened out in an interview. People who post here about failing are often eating sour grapes. Some professors are pretty cold but most were very helpful. The program is very hard and it is compounded by the stress of life, family, deaths and illnesses, pregnancies, weddings and all that is going on. A nursing program will change how you think like a police academy or boot camp. You reason differently, communicate differently. Some adapt quick and pass and some can't handle that and fail. I passed in December, just passed my NCLEX and I think the program was great. I learned a lot. The last semester was really awesome. But very hard. Very very very hard. I would come into exams very well prepared and get a 78 and be amazed at how difficult the exam was. But 78 is a pass. The exams are fair and with no trick questions. All the students that got special awards for being most helpful and best grades etc. were unemployed. Either had a sugar daddy or momma or living with mom and dad or collecting unemployment. Unemployed people do better in this program for obvious reasons. Many others passed. I'm the bread winner, married, worked 30+ h per week the whole time. I got sick once in 4 years and it was during the summer break. No one in the family died, wife didn't get pregnant. It's doable. Hope you do well.
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    What is clep ing? I'm following all of this but I'm a little confused? Are you able to test out of these things? Can some one please explain. I am trying to decide where to do my lpn to rn and reading these blogs us helping..thanks!
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    CMartin, a CLEP test lets you get credits for simply taking a test. Look it up. Saves a lot of time and money. You can take many of the 101's.
    College Level Examination Program.
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    Thank you for your quick response!