Gloucester County College Nursing Fall 2011 Hopefuls?

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    Hi everyone!
    Thought I could start this thread for anyone that is applying to the GCC Nursing Program this spring? I'm just getting my portfolio organized and prepared. I have to take the HESI one more time on Feb 24th and attend an info session on Feb 28th and I'm all set. I'm so nervous! But, I'm going to try to be optimistic. I look forward to hearing from you guys Take Care~

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    Hi dannipoint!

    My app is in and I'm waiting expectantly to hear! How did your final HESI test go? Are you ready for the wild ride when we get in?

    Your Micro classmate
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    I'm a little nervous to be honest. I took the HESI twice. However, I wasn't able to use the second scores which were a lot better because I didn't meet the min. for implications % conclusions. I was able to use my first scored which all met the min. but in my opinion weren't the best... I'm praying everyday though lol. If I don't get in.... i'm looking into nj and ny community college and universities. How are you? And is this Cynthia? lol. GOOD LUCK!
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    Yes, it's me! I'm going to pray you get in, too! Alla isn't making it this year. I'm sad about that! Hopefully some other people will chime in soon! Less than a month to wait now!
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    I know~ i'm crossing my fingers that I get in. I have A's in all the sciences.... but i'm worried about my HESI scores.... i hope 84 composite is enough and i'm hoping they will see by my science scores that I'm determined and good enough to be accepted! I really hope so. Oh, that's a shame Even if I don't get in this time, i'll try again next year as well as apply to other schools. I'm so nervous!! lol. But I'm hoping for the best ^^ Good luck to you! Are you taking courses this semester?
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    I hope you get in too! I wish other people would look for this forum and let us know they applied, lol!

    I am taking Human Development and Spanish for the Medical Professional this semester. Both of them are pretty easy thankfully. I am preparing myself for insanity for the next two years. I spent the last few years taking my pre-reqs so I could do only nursing classes but may need to go full-time in order to get a deferred student loan. I could scream! We may be able to fund this semester, but nothing after that. So I'm wondering about going full-time in the earlier 'easier' semesters and paying outright later. Gah.

    We'll know in a few weeks, though! Then the insanity starts!
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    I know same here. I doubt we are the only two that applied lol. I'm taking Nutrition, Nursing Dosages, Sociology, CPR, and COM 102 right now. If i get in I still have 2 more pre-reqs to take which are Humanities elective and Dev Psy. I will probably have to be a full time student as well, although it would be a lot easier to just take nursing courses and that's what they recommend too. Also, i'm doing cna classes at the college starting may 25th. So hopefully I can work while in the program.... but obviously not full time. I'm sooooooooooo anxious and nervous at the same time!!!! I really want to be accepted!!!
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    oh~ and how is spanish for medical professions? I was thinking about taking that.
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    I find the Spanish course to be very easy, but I've had Spanish before. But she works for everyone to learn the phrases, even the people who have never had Spanish.

    Wow, you're taking a lot of classes! Why are you taking CNA? I thought we can work as a CNA after our first semester, but I'm not sure. How did you get into the dosages class??? I tried to sign up for it for the fall and it wouldn't let me! Is that CPR class the one we need? I am going to sign up for CPR soon, once I get my next Psych test in and get my resume written up so I can apply for a job. Then I'm going to get life straightened out here at home so I won't be behind here while I am slaving away at school, lol.

    I've bought a few books to start studying from. Going to start that after this next Psych test, too!

    Less than 3 weeks to go!
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    I'm taking the CNA course because I think it will be good experience. And I am not 100% sure but I believe you have to have a certificate in order to work as a CNA. You make a good point though. Since the first semester is basically fundamentals of nursing like bed baths and the majority of it is CNA work, I wonder if you can work as a CNA after the first semester of the program. If so, I might reconsider wasting my 1245.00 lol.

    I got in the dosage class by registering online. It let me in. It said the pre-req was passing the math portion of the placement test. It's beneficial to take. It's only a 1 credit course too.

    I'm actually taking CPR at the college as a 2 credit class, but I do know the continuing education center at GCC has cpr classes for much cheaper and in a shorter duration.

    I know! I'm so nervous but I can't wait to get those letters!

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