Failed out of nursing school, i want to give it another try.

  1. hey, i started the LPN program in September 2008 and was asked to withdrawal from the program April 8,2009 due to failing pharmacology and failing a 2 test in med surg, now i want to go back. I dont want to go back to the old school im looking for something new, maybe a school in NJ. Im in a better place than where i was in 2008 so i know im prepared. I was looking at Metropolitan learning institute in jersey city.....has anyone been here? Does anyone think "its too soon" to start again...
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    I wanted to let you know that I too had failed in my first semester at school. I had past Chemistry and Pharm but got a 78 on the nursing course. My problem was test anxiety and over studying. I was devasted at first and then licked my wounds and applied to every school possible near my house 5 to be exact. I failed in Dec and by March was accepted into Christ Hospital School of nursing.

    Never give up on something you love doing!!! I have talked to alot of people and have gotten excellent tips to overcome testing anxiety and was able to bring those skills with me as I passed the NLN. I try not to let anything negative get me down everyone is talking about not getting jobs but for me I will cross that road when I get there. I love being in school and the second time around I am excited not ashamed that I failed but thankful and grateful for a second chance!!

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    I also failed out of nursing school my first semester and want to apply to Christ hospital for the fall of 2011. Do you know if they require a certain gpa considering the fact that I would have a failing grade on my transcript? I was already told that I am exempt from taking their entrance exam because my SAT scores met their requirements. What else can I do besides raise my gpa this semester to better my chances of getting in the school?

    any advice would be great, thanks, and good luck to you!
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    FutureRN Elizabeth,

    I'm sorry to hear that things didn't work out for you @ BALC. I remember coming on this site when I 1st signed up and endlessly looking for any info and asking so many questions because I had my heart set on that program. I was CERTAIN I'd get in and...that didn't happen.
    Instead I ended up attending Lincoln Technical Institute in Paramus NJ which is why I'm replying to you.
    I don't know much about the above named school that you mentioned but I wanted to suggest Lincoln Tech, I recently graduated from there and they have a really good LPN program, the instructors are there for you and encourage you to thrive. You can send me a PM if your interested in hearing more about my personal experience or chk them out for yourself(they have open house/tours every view days, gives you a good feel for the environment).
    I'm from NY as well, the commute wasn't too bad, its doable.
    Anyway, I Wish you the best of luck in your future Nursing endeavours.
    Lastly, I don't think its too soon to jump back in. If there aren't any obstacles and you feel ready then go for it!
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    the hours at metropolitan are great 9am-1pm and the clinical sites are very convienent if you live in NYC or the five boughs.Ms. ****no names per ToS****and Ms ******are excellent nursing instructors. I would not go there if I were you. the school is not student centered and they do not care about the needs of their students. I think Lincoln Technical Institute is a better bet for you.
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