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  1. Hi,

    I am in my second semester of nursing school. (I will be finished next year at this time When I am finished I will have my accociates degree.

    My question is about externships for the summer. I didn't even know they existed until one of my class mates had asked me about it.

    Does anyone know what hospitals participate in a nurse externship program? I am even willing to go to NYC as well. Also, is there a difference between a nurse extern and a nursing assistant? (pay, job duties?)

    I am currently a CNA and have been for 5 years. I am interestd in the externship for a few reasons but mainly because I want more clinical experience as a nurse.

    If a nurse extern does the same thing as a CNA then it doesn't make sense for me to leave my current job. I just wanted more experience as a nurse before I graduate next year.

    Thank you inn advance.

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  3. by   NJRNin06
    Hey, good idea, externship programs seem like an excellent way to gain experience, and some summer money. Two of my friends got externship positions at Morristown Memorial. (one in the ER, the other in OR, making around $14/hr) This program is 14 weeks long, and I think more info can be found on the hospital's website.

    Another hospital I heard that did this is Hackettstown, but you might want to double check that one!

    Best of luck and even if you can't get an externship slot, I'm sure area hospitals have some good position available!
  4. by   cn2007rn
    I know Chilton Memorial offers a nursing externship, you can check it out at:


    Hope this helps!!