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Hello, Has anyone recieved the date(s) for the Nursing Entrance Exam for September 2011? I've been studying all summer and I am very excited to sit for the test; I just hope that i do well. I have take all Pre-Reqs and... Read More

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    I did take chem. I eked by with a B+ (darn). Have you heard about the waiting list rumors? Do you know who gets on the waiting list? I was talking to one of my classmates 2 days ago, who said someone else was placed on the waiting list for about 3 years. But I've talked to someone else who said they started immediately after taking the test. Since they were strangers I didn't ask them about their grades. I don't know how the waiting list "works" - I'm wondering if there are some students from semesters before us currently waiting to enter the program. I'm thinking I might be bumped onto the list because I'm competing with someone (like you) who scored a point or 2 more than me. So far I have an A average in A&P; I'll keep it up.

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    Hey Guys!
    I am a former student of ECC. I graduated May 2011-RN Day Program and FYI there is no waiting list. Entry is based on grades and entrance exam score. If you pass and have the appropriate gpa I believe 2.5 overall and 3.0 in your sciences. The program is challenge, but doable. Don't believe rumors you'll hear a lot of them. If you have any questions go directly to the Nursing Department and get your info from there. Good Luck!1 PM me if you want anymore info
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    Thanks, I will PM you. I hear more about the waiting list than anything else.
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    I have also heard many rumors. As lapoRtaN said, find the facts and avoid the rumors because there are many. Make sure you get as much as possible from A&P I. A&P II is also a bit of a challenge (but i enjoy it!)....i am taking that now.
    As far as the NLN exam, I am happy to have scored well over 50% in all three areas, YAY! I scored an overall 142 on my NLN exam which is the 97th percentile.....I hope my score is good enough to get me into the program and onto the the next phase.

    I am now playing the waiting game...

    Has anyone else taken the exam?
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    I'm taking the test this Friday (10.21.11) at Essex....I'm extremely nervous and anxious...I've been study for this test for a while now, and I can't wait to get it over with. God willing I'll do really well and get into the program. Idk anyone else this semester who is taking it. If you have any tips for me before Friday pleassssssse let me know!! I'll definitely appreciate it
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    Hi Miracle86,

    I wish you all the best this Friday; Good Luck! My only tip to you would be to use the pre-exam study guide to not only brush-up, but also to test yourself to gauge your strengths and weakness so you can understand what needs to be the focus of your studies....Know your Math and Science. The Verbal section is a little difficult to prepare for as word knowledge is accumulative.

    I was just as nervous and anxious as can do this!

    I hope I get in too...
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    Thank you!!....I actually purchased two study highlighted the first one so much while I was studying that about 4 weeks ago I went to the Essex Bookstore and purchased a second one. I'm actually going over it again right now while I'm at work. The only part(s) I'm worried about are the Science and Math, I know the Science has some physics such as Ohms, and circuits hopefully I have that down pact. With the math I just have to work on my speed and accuracy I think too much into the problems
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    Miracle86 when it comes to the Math you going to really need to know how to work out the problems because you will not have enough time to put a lot of thought into each problem. When you think about the amount of time you have and the number of questions; you have about a minute for each problem. You are provided with even less time for the completion of the Verbal and Science sections.

    I also had two study guides!
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    Ok well thanks for the advice and words of encouragement. I'm ready to take this test tomorrow, and get this anxiety out of my system lol...
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    Good Luck to all of you guys! The NET is not that bad. Just basic info. Most ppl find the read hard because it is timed. I never got a copy of my NET back the just mailed me a letter that I passed and they went from there. Just remember to stay up on the ECC faculty because it is easy to get lost in the plies of people. Again good luck future RN's

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