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Essex County College (Newark, NJ) Students ?

  1. 0 Hi All!

    Well next week I will be going back to school after 6 years of being MIA from college because I want a career change. Obviously I will be going for nursing. Is there any one else here on the board that will be starting classes as well for the nursing program in Essex County College or are returning students?

    I'd just like a little input on anything someone can tell me about the courses or the professors and would also like to make a new friend or two as I go through my way in the experience. If you are a new student as well maybe we can partner and be support buddies or if you are a returning student maybe you can take me under your wing - I don't bite lol.

    Anyhow, I hope to hear from someone
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    Like you, I want a career change. I'm an "older" student (with 10 years on you).

    My wing is a short and stubby, though. I've only taken Chem thus far along with other general education requirements. I'm taking A&PI this semester, and was actually looking for some A&P buddies. Are you taking A&PI this semester?
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    Yes im n the same....returning back to school after working almost everywhere!!! I have been reasearching and reading alot on ecc nursing program along with ucc and moutainside...havnt heard tht many positive feedback abt Ecc...anyone else????? Anyone have any feedback on the programs for these schools???????
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    @ Phoenixbyrd: I'm a pre-nursing student as well, sorry should've made that clear. This semester I'm taking the basic Comp 101, Alegbra, and Psychology classes. Next semester I will be taking Chem and A&P. I don't mind short and stubby wings, it'll fit my short height lol.

    Let me know if you'd be interested in a study buddy anyway or just a grab a coffee before class buddy
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    @ Morgan2003: I've heard a few things about ECC's program. Supposedly it is a hard program to get into but it's not an impossible thing to do. As long as you keep your grades up and study for the PRE-RN exam you should do fine. I already ordered two study guides for it and I won't be able to even take the exam until end of next year. The teachers are supposed to be great and will help you along the way as long as you are willing to work with them.

    I haven't heard anything about UCC but I've heard many good things about Mountainside. If it doesn't work out for me in ECC, Mountainside is my backup.
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    @ jdlabadia Mountainside school - do they have an evening program?
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    @judy1824: Yes they do. Their evening nursing classes start at 5pm. Clinical labs for evening students start at 4pm.
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    sure I would love to be a study buddy with you. My name is Shaquan and I am attending Essex County College as well and I am taking A&P1 and I have Prof. J. Lee here's my
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    @quannie74: I shot you an email but no reply.
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    Please try again my email address is and what's ours so I'll know that its you sis?
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    @quannie74: my email address is Shooting you an email now.
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    Did you finish the nursing program at essex county? I just got accepted and wanted to hear from students who did the program.