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Hi All, I am a career changer - looking to leave marketing and enter the world of nursing. I have a BA degree already but I don't want to do an accelerated BSN program (due to finances and not being able to work during the... Read More

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    I'm very glad I could help. Unfortunately, Seton Hall has one of the more complicated bridge programs I've seen (you take a set number of "bridge" classes, but you also have to have taken bunch of other undergrad courses that I haven't. I don't remember how many additional credits I'd have to take, but it was something like 20-ish). You can talk to someone in their nursing dept. to get the exact requirements and figure out what courses you'd have to take.

    Other programs that offer a bridge are Fairleigh Dickinson (I think it's a nine-credit bridge ... no portfolio or other requirements), William Paterson (no bridge, but you have to have taken stats, assessment and one other course), UMDNJ (they have a bridge course), I think St. Peter's has a bridge and Felician used to, but I heard their nursing program closed (don't know if that's true).

    If you decide it's easier to get your BSN than to go through the hoops required by Seton Hall, it's usually only 28-30 undergrad credits if you already have a bachelor's. I know of at least 2 programs that have BSN programs specificially set up for RNs with bachelor's degrees in other fields. Let me know if you're interested in getting those names.

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    Thanks for the heads up. I read up on the schools you mentioned and it semms like many of them want you to either already have your BSN or get your BSN while getting your MSN along with GRE. UMDNJ... I am not even sure what it is they are asking for.
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    I know for a fact Fairleigh Dickinson, UMDNJ, and William Paterson don't require a BSN (or at east didn't a few months ago). Sometimes they say they require a "bachelor's degree" but if you poke a little further, you'll see it's they don't require a BSN. You can always call them and talk to them to confirm exactly what's required. this is what I found when I called them a while ago.
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    I know someone who is in the Felician College MSN I believe that school is still active..
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    Hi Lovelymo79, I'm actually a student at Mountainside. I took a couple pre-reqs at ECC, but after hearing about that waiting list, I decided to apply to Mountainside or just do a BSN program. Yes, it's true what that person told you about the Chemistry 101 doesn't transfer. In order for Mountainside to accept your chemistry credits from Essex you have to take 2 semesters of Chemistry. The school told me to just take Chem 105 at Union County College and that will cover all I needed for their chemistry requirement. I'm not going to lie, I almost failed that chem class, but in the end I passed it. Mountainside offers a chemistry class over the summer through Jersey City University. Ask them about this. I might be a little expensive though. Make sure you finish all your pre-reqs and do very well in your anatomy classes! I'm biased and I will say that Mountainside is an awesome program! It's a small family environment.

    Good Luck!!!!
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    I'm just taking Anatomy at ECC now..I won't have time to finish all of the pre-reqs before school starts since I'm trying to start this fall. I'll just take them concurrently. I did hear about Chemistry..I was told I would have to take Chemistry 103..not 101..that's the Chemistry for transfer credit at ECC..however, I may just wait and take it at NJCU. I actually want to take A&P II right after A&P I..while it's still fresh in my mind. So, we'll see.

    Thanks for letting me know about UCC and their chemistry class..I may check that out also. I'm actually applying to Trinitas a back up..but my first choice is Mountainside. I've heard nothing but great things about the school!
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    Just to update this thread:

    While I haven't received my letter yet, I had my interview today at MHSON and my interviewer told me that unless I murder someone (which is quite possible..:chuckle)..I'm in! However, I won't get official notice until the first week of April!!

    I'm very excited!!
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    I'm happy for you! Congrats!

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