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I just wanted to see if there is anyone else out there that is starting the clinical phase of the program and going into NUR121 in about a week's time (OMG - one week!). I'm excited and anxious, with a healthy sprinkling of... Read More

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    See you guys in orientation tomorrow. My name is bianca by the way

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    Hey guys, I'm also interested in joining the program but all of my classes were transferred in. I'm going to apply for the spring semester, what do you think my chances are?
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    Did u take all your pre req.? My situation was similar. All your classes transfer in as a C. so i suggest to take a science course. I took a&p2 pysch. Micro. And a med terminology class...first semester, and got in the following semester..I was lucky lol.The director does a number system. The most is 120 for 4 science classes. An A is 30 points. B 20 points and I think C is 15 or 10 points.
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    yea I took all my pre req and I'm out of county so i probably won't get in with this point system. I was thinking of taking med terminology this semster but they told me they dont look at the fall classes for spring applications. So i guess its all up to God lol... thanks for replying
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    Well I was out of county myself. So you'll probably get in.
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    thanks.. you given me hope lol
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    hey there
    i need advice
    i am taking prerequesting right now and ,i will finish in summer 2013 .Do i need B in all subjec? When i can apply for nursing?
    Reasone to ask you that i couldnt make meeting with advisor bcs of my job ,so pl help me
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    Well if you come out with As in all science classes, then You'll have a good chance of getting into the program for fall 2013. If micro is the only class you have to take during the summer, you'll probably get in. So put your intent in and take the micro in the summer. P.S, I got all A's and my science except for micro., which Itook in the summer. I still got into the fall session. She has a point system that she goes by. 120 is the highest. (30 points per A x 4 science classes)
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    Hey how did you do your first semester? I start next week and I don't know what to except but can't wait at the same time lol
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    Hey, I see you got in..CONGRATS!...first semester was A lot of work..but manageable. And I got through it . Good luck sweetie..gerepka was my advisor, and I love her.

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