Correctional Nursing - can any one tell me about it - page 3

by dragn2623

can anyone on this forum tell me about NJ correctional nursing. How do they train you, what are your responsibilities, how safe it is, How do they keep you safe with the inmates and so forth. Where do you work, and any additional... Read More

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    No problem, anjresident. If you're in a state prison then that's how it should work, unless they changed things. Good luck. It's not a bad job, so long as you're comfortable using your skills solo. They will give 20 shifts of orientation so use that to your advantage. You'll undoubtedly be the "compound nurse", overseeing the whole place!
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    hey guys which correctional setting places are hiring , i work in icu but dont like it there much , any helpppp i would greatly appreciate )))
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    just like previous comments, go to umdnj's employment website. im guessing, that umdnj handles the bulk of correctional nursing in nj.

    Current Openings

    under facilities, university correctional health care
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    Is there anything special I should do or anyone to call to get into UMDNJ corrections?! I've been applying and applying! I have some experience in nursing already!