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Burlington County College Spring 2014 - page 9

Hello, Is anyone applying to Burlington County College for Spring 2014? Have you applied before? What pre-reqs do you currently have completed? I am getting a little nervous about the whole... Read More

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    I went and registered and I am in 401. Can't wait to get this started.
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    registered for 404!!!!! ah so excited! did you guys get your packet? Im thinking after this weekend it'll makes its way to my mailbox.
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    Did you guys go straight to the nursing department to register? Have any of you bought the books yet? I'm going next week to register, this is exciting!
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    I went to BCC mt laurel and brought my letter of acceptance with me and signed right up for NURS 119-404. you can also go to registration at pemb to sign up. I havent done anything else yet because I'm waiting to receive the packet
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    Ok thank you
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    I got my packet in the mail today !!!
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    hey guys i started a different thread for whoever was admitted so we could answer each others questions and what not! Admitted Burlington County College for Spring 2014