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    For anyone thinking of attending Bloomfield college in Essex County Nj: DON'T. Its a terrible program. The professors lie and fail you just to weed out the weak and the advisors don't tell you what prereqs you need. Its not worth the $$ or aggravation. I dont know anyone who has recently started the program that likes it. Look up reviews and research before committing to Bloomfield college.

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    What happened? because I am looking at starting there next semester
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    Quote from pwepwete
    What happened? because I am looking at starting there next semester
    The advisors dont tell you what prereqs will transfer. There arent enough lab hours. The professors at this school are arrogant and dont help you or answer questions. You will work your butt off for bad grades. There are stupid classes you will have to take that dont have anything to do with nursing or even life in general. I wish I hadnt transferred here. I wouldnt recommend coming to bloomfield.
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    that is not true. i transfered to bloomfield and i didnt have the problems you are talking about. the professors are great and very helpful. remember that this is college and the professors arent going to hold your hand and do everything for you. there are always problems with every nursing school, no one is perfect. im a junior now and i enjoy the program. no nursing school is easy and you have to work hard.
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    I go there too. I didn't have the problems you have, but I do wish I had looked into it more before deciding to attend.
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    hi i am thinking about attending there. how are the professors and the program overall?

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