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  1. Last Thursday I was at the college for the purpose of collecting my Chemistry grade with some classmates. Apparently, there was a graduation ceremony for RN's going on that night as well, and my friends started talking to one student to ask her about the program. I didn't hear the entire conversation, but one of my cohorts told me the student had stated that ELEVEN people had failed out of NUR-181 alone during her course!

    Now, there's always a chance there was some sort of misunderstanding or miscommunication, but does this sound right? For what it's worth, I would think the application process and competitiveness of getting in to the program would assure a strong student population, so it makes me nervous to hear these things. I already received some insight from someone privately, but I was wondering what the public population made of this info.

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  3. by   jjlaman
    That sounds about right. I was one of those attending the nursing pinning ceremony last Thusday and as the former President of the Student Nursing Association, I can tell you that this is the norm for each entering class that is entering level 1. For one reason or another, it is common to lose close to 20% of new entrants. They either fail (the material is not easy and you are learning a new language on top of that- medical terminology) or they quit because it is not what they expected.

    Don't let those numbers discourage you though. I am sure that those numbers are in line with other degrees as well. Not everyone goes on to complete a program of study they enrolled for and they go on to something else. I will say this, anyone with the determination and drive can and will get through the program if that is what they trully desire.
  4. by   Cinqui73
    It wasn't so much that I was discouraged....okay, okay, a TAD nervous! However, my true desire was to understand WHY (what I perceived to be) a large percentage of people failed. As I told the other RN student who kindly offered her view, I was only anxious to avoid similar pitfalls that felled the other students to NOT repeat their mistakes!

    I hadn't realized that a 20% dropout was an average among other majors, either. That's mildly distressing considering many vie for these nursing positions, but an understandable reality.

    Thanks for the encouragment and info, jjlaman!
  5. by   DebanamRN
    Don't worry. 1/2 of my LPN class failed out. In RN school, about 5 each semester. But..a lot of these people didn't realize that nusing school is hard work, and that you really have to give it your all. A lot of people were more interested in partying than studying. And some just weren't cut out for nursing. In the end, work hard, and you will succeed! Enjoy nursing school!
  6. by   fenyxx
    I just recently graduated as well & I think our class started with approximately 120 people. We finished with 60, so it's about a 50% failure rate. However, if you fail less than two classes, you can wait 6 mos & repeat. After 2, you have to petition to get back in.
  7. by   fsv1024
    My program is the same. I"m currently in my second semester of an accelerated BSN program at a private college in Virginia and the program is no different. We've had a few girls fail though not as much as 50%. I believe I know of about 4 girls failing a course. Unfortunately, our program has a 78 passing grade which is a C+ and they don't round up. So if you get a 77.9 you fail the course no ifs ands or buts about it. Its a shame but thats how they work.

    We are not allowed to wait a semester and redo as someone posted above either. If you fail ONE class you redo it and if you fail TWO then you're instantly out of the program. You can petition but they are stringent with their rules.

    Its really tough and I'm coming from a science background. I've taken physics, organic chemistry and biochem all in one semester along with a full courseload of 18 credits and trust me that was FUN compared to this. Its not that material is necessarily worse.. because I actually had to sit down and decipher orgo and those classes. Nursing school isn't neuroscience. Its just a LOT of work and the structure is entirely different. Most of us knew our material hands down but the questions are structured in NCLEX style questions. They are tough but once you get the hang of it you'll do fine.

    If you're doing any type of accelerated program I suggest you do just that and as hard as it can be you really should cut down on your work. I left my full time job and took out loans and dedicated myself just to the program. Others who kept their part time jobs ended up leaving those jobs halfway through the semester when we began having 2-3 exams per week. Those exams are not simple " insert an IV" or "clean a bed pan" type of exams either. They're hardcore medical surgical, pathophysiology and yes even the technical skills exams. Its very difficult so be prepared but ultimately its very much worth it! Feel free to ask me any questions
  8. by   Cinqui73
    Well, I'm happy to say I made it through Level 1 with flying colors! I have a medical background to fall back on, thank GOODNESS, and I managed to figure out the thinking behind the tests to do well. I'm so happy, I came out with my GPA intact (much to my suprise, might I add)! Level 2 may not yield such a promising result, but I'm taking it one semester at a time and focusing on doing my best and PASSING. Good grades are a plus!

    But I must also say, I wasn't JUST me, because we had a fantastic pass rate with the whole class: we only lost 4 people (If I have my info correct, one dropped the day of class, two due to medical issues and I don't know about the fourth person) early on and only 1 person outright didn't pass in the end, so 35 out of 40 people in my section are moving on. I think we did great and had, in general, one of the higher passing rates to date! They are scrambling for spots now....I think they almost bank on a higher percentage failing. Now they are in a quandary as to what to do with all the students moving on, as that they have plenty of "repeaters" also taking up spots.

    Thank you, as always, for your insight; it is comforting to get encouragement from people that have already been through it all and help those of us "in the trenches" see the light at the end of the tunnel and that it is all, in the end, possible!

    ~ Laura,
  9. by   futurenurse28
    Can someone please let me know what does the nursing entrance exam at BCC entail... I hear that it is the HESI with quite a bit of science...and I heard from a friend who just took it that many people did not do as well as they thought, so they may change the test altogether again for the individuals who have to take it to get into the evening program in Jan. Thanks in advance for your replies!!!
  10. by   Cinqui73
    Sorry, I have no experience with the HESI...wish I could help!
  11. by   fishermanIV
    Hi, I took the HESI test in march of this yr. When I got to the testing site I had a list of topics I had to do, but when the test popped up, it included A&P ( my strongest subject ), but I wasn't required to take it according to my letter. I had to do eng grammar, reading comprehension, math ( very basic ) bio. and 2 others ( i forget). I got confused when I saw the A&P and asked the proctor who got a bit ***** when I asked him. He said you should know what tests you should take. So I proceeded with earplugs in..all of a sudden , during my bio test the proctor shook my and started going off about me having cough drops on the desk and a watch on....there were no signs about no having those things. So now I'm rattled and starting getting questions mind was going blank..I finished that portion and got a low score of 74. I now decided to hit my other strong subject MATH,.The Q's were easy for me , giving me more confidence and my score was a 96. Onto the englisg part, which wasn't that bad..know where to put commas, when to use who or whom , and stuff like that. They put out a hesi practice and review book for 35 bucks. DO NOT BUY IT....IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE TEST.IT ALSO HAD A MISTAKE IN THE BOOK..IT WAS A WASTE OF MONEY. Go online and find accuplacer tests that are free, they were more help than the hesi book. At BCC 1,189 students took the test and only 90 got into the program, but I know of 1 student who scored a 72 and got into the program. They say that only the top scores get in, but I read somewhere the total class had 5 % asian women, 5% whatever and so on. So what I am trying to tell you is that just do your best and make sure you have a strong GPA, so if you get a high score and don't get in..go find out why...
  12. by   aspiring_nursing
    hey guys. I just thought about applying to BCC. I have a BA and most prerqcs...where is the application for the program and details about applying. program start dates and so on? I dont seem to find them. I want to start as soon as possible. thanks.,
  13. by   aspiring_nursing
    also I am taking hesi soon... should I just study from those tests accuplacer tests online? I have the book, I am so scared of failing. really? whats on there is not on the book?
  14. by   fishermanIV
    hi..go to and you will find the links for all the info you need...if not call admissions and they will send you an application. I thought the hesi book was of no help..the accuplacer tests online helped me a lot more..know your biology and basic math, you are not required to take the a&p part of the hesi test. I started in the fall ( for the day program ) and the cut off date was march 15 but there is a waiting list and after that you have to be in the top 90 out of all who take the test. there were 1,189 students who took the test and only 90 seats available. then you have level 2 and the number of students starts to drop. some didn't think it was for them, some failed 1 class and now have to wait another year before they can start again. I wish a lot of luck. It's a fun program and you get out only what you put in....if you need any help, just ask and there are people to help you in every way..especially on

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