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Last Thursday I was at the college for the purpose of collecting my Chemistry grade with some classmates. Apparently, there was a graduation ceremony for RN's going on that night as well, and my friends started talking to one... Read More

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    For those of you already in the evening program.... Are weekend clinicals mandatory or an option instead of Wed/Thurs night? Thanks!

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    Hi all! I was just reding the post and I wanted to ask someone who is in the program at Bergen a question. I just got accepted in the evening RN program at Bergen Community College for the 2012 spring semester and was wondering if anybody know the times that the program run in the evening. And also the professors that teach, who is a good professor and i would like to know teaches the clinical at St Josephs hospital in paterson, i would really love to go there. Thanks! 😝
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    I did the last week in
    November. I am in section 181-601 and the others are in 602. I got scared when
    I read rate your professor so I changed some classes .
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    Hi Nazmeen!!

    Welcome to program! Please double check with an advisor that you can change your section, I swore I read somewhere that when you choose a section all should be the you should choose all 601's or all 602's. Your class times will clash, like 181-601 runs into 183-602 class time..just offering some advice so you dont miss out on the section you truly want..
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    Hi erica!
    Thanks for the advice and I think you are right because I tried to Change some classes and I couldn't. Thanks for letting me know. Are you in the evening program also?
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    Hello All
    Name is Justin I will be in section 601, I have not read up on the professors yet but I feel changing everything at this point mite be a pain. Just in case any one is wondering I have not recieved the info packet yet either.
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    I am wrapping up level I right now. The best advice I can say is to read, read, read and when you get power points make note cards - it really helps you learn the information. It is very intense and you have to make sure you keep up with the information because it's easy to get behind. Do really well on the first two tests so you build yourself a cushion for the later exams. You sacrifice your life but it is worth it.

    Good luck to all of you.
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    Hey all =)

    I'm finishing level 3 right now and wanted to put something out there to offer a different opinion. I had Hayes for level 1 lecture AND clinical and I love her, I also just had her again for my psych rotation's clinical and still love her. We lost about 6 ppl in her level 1 class and once we got into level 2 and spoke with students from the other 2 sections (who hadn't had Hayes), they lost 6 or so students in both those sections the failure rate is pretty evenly dispersed.

    But regardless of who you have, if you bust your tail and don't allow yourself to fall behind, you should be fine!

    Try not to buy into any of the hype about horror stories on here either, its ALL doable!!! Good luck to all of you!!
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    I was just wondering which section did there clinicals at st Joseph hospital in Paterson? I'm in 601 and I really want to go there . Anybody knows???
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    You won't know till you get in there...and it changes every class. In my level 1 section NONE of us went gigu (level 2) 1 group went and in level 3 each class had a group that went....but you don't get to choose your instructor based on that. And if you want to go there, I advise you just hope bc if you start asking to go one place over another or for certain days over another, they aren't likely to care. But keep in mind, it changes for every class. I was dreading going there and didn't have to go till my psych rotation (currently)...they try to put you somewhere different for each rotation so expose you.
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