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Last Thursday I was at the college for the purpose of collecting my Chemistry grade with some classmates. Apparently, there was a graduation ceremony for RN's going on that night as well, and my... Read More

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    Thank you for the luck. Yes, I've heared the same so I've been checking but still nothing yet. But hey it's still something... at least we can find out slightly earlier than the actually paper letters ...
    good luck to you too, the HESI wasn't THAT bad, but def. study your biology and chemistry!! Any notes from your previous classes are def. a plus. I would def. say to focus a little more on those two subjects as opposed to the math and english sections which are easier.

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    Quote from tdag90
    Really? That's so wierd!.... Well the guy at the testing center told me I would receive an e-mail in about two weeks, but I got it the next day. At first it showed me all of my personal scores compared to all of the average scores and then after about four days it changed.. now all it shows me is the class average overall as well as mine.

    I hope that we can see if we got in online in like two weeks or something.
    I don't want to wait anymore.
    Speak of the devil! I just got the email from Evolve Reach that lets me access my score
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    Here are the class averages as of today:

    Reading Comprehension-80
    Bio-67 mentioned earlier overall class average is 67.
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    Thanks Tdag90!!

    Moojie, I did contact Prof. M...I AM an honors student but I don't need any of the honors courses available and I'm still unable to register for the classes I do need...says I do not have priority registration access......ugh.

    AND, another student on another thread I'm on said they aren't taking the exam until May 14th yall!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm happy for them that they have that time, I just don't think it's fair that the school keeps pushing the date back for a set group when we are all waiting to find out the results!!!

    So annoyed.
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    You sure that person is a BCC student? I saw that date too, but it was for a HESI thread not specifically a Bergen thread.

    And if you are an honors student, then you have priority registration. You have to have them manually over ride your registration date. That always happens, unfortunately. So have you taken any honors courses yet? If so, which?
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    It appears that person with the May 14th deadline is applying for Maricopa Community College(in Phoenix)...There is still hope this torture is over UkGirl! lol.
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    I know!! HAhaha!! I just realized that!! I was forgetting which thread is which...thank GOODNESS!!!

    I haven't taken any honors classes yet....but wait, so how do I get them to override the registration block??? Can I e-mail someone to do that?! PLEASE don't tell me I have to go to Bergen in person....PLEASE!!!!!
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    Well Prof. Altman or Prof. Makoweicka has to look at your GPA and give you a letter to enter you into the program. Ask them if they can write it up and you can pick it up somewhere at your convenience. They will enter you into the system, and hopefully, you will be able to register asap. IF it does not come up right away, which honestly it probably won't because this is always an issue, then you have to go get it over rode in the registration room by the person at the desk. It is a pain, I know. LOL. But if they do it right then and there, you will be able to register right away. Good luck dear!
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    OMG you guys just scared me about the whole May 14th thing. I was like OOH NOO NOW WE HAVE TO WAIT EVEN LONGER.

    But nevermind..... back to -> and also -> (wondering if we get in)

    I really think you guys are in.. you did GREAT... see me I'm in the upper 80's.... sooo HOPEFULLY I DO GET IN WITH YOU GUYS. I did good, but I wanted 90 or above, not high 80's. But high 80's is way better than the low 80's.
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    tdag, I think you got this I only know of four people, including those on this site, who have gotten high 80 scores and believe me, I have asked A LOT. Majority just say "I did not do well at all", which is sad, but is also reflected in the average score of 67. I wish they gave us the standard deviation, because maybe I could put some of the junk I learned in my Statistics class to work to figure out what the cutoff is:/ W/e. lol. I am getting tired of stressing over this madness. LOL.

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