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Last Thursday I was at the college for the purpose of collecting my Chemistry grade with some classmates. Apparently, there was a graduation ceremony for RN's going on that night as well, and my... Read More

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    Hi! I took the test last Wednesday and was happy with my score. I'm not really sure how the admission process works. I've heard mixed things. I'm trying not to freak out. I scored high in the BIO and believe it or not vocab was my lowest but still in the 80's...I'm still not sure what happened there. Anyway...I wouldn't panic yet. I'm also over 30 and in county. I've heard that there is an equal, women, age, etc... Fingers crossed...the wait is horrible though.
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    How do you know what the class average is at the moment? And does anyone know when we would hear from Elsa if we got in or not? Also, can someone give me the statistics of last fall? like what was the class average, how many people took it, how many people got in, etc. Thanks!
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    Do they take gpa into consideration as well?
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    What scores do you think is a definite garuntee to get in?
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    one more question for today lol, do we get our test back later on? with the questions and answers to see what we got wrong?
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    Sunny_h, once you take the HESI on the score report online the class average appears next to your score. I took the HESI today and did well. Vocab pulled me down.. Damn vocabulary. I got a 91.3 overall, class average is a 78.If you click on + next to the exam on ur score report it shows your sub tests and if you click on each of them they pretty much tell you how many questions you got wrong and in what areas. For example on vocab it said I needed to study As for what is a guaranteed score? I doubt they could tell us that. I think it depends...I know over 700 applications were received for nursing alone. I would imagine a lot got in the 90's... I think then it comes down to gpa and what not.
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    I believe the class average in the fall was 76-78. They won't notify us until the testing period is over. If you go back a few pages someone said that it you received a score of 85 or higher you are in good shape. I think there are a lot of variables (your final background check, if you're in county...they only accept 5-6 people out of county, your science scores on the HESI, if those who are offered a seat decline as they may be accepted to other schools, etc...). Unfortunately, we just have to wait. Hopefully we will know with the next week or two. Good luck to everyone!!!!!
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    Hi everyone! I'm reading all of your posts and want to again let you all know that you do NOT need a 90+ score to get into the program. Don't fall into the trap of thinking you're already off the list because you didn't get a 90! I am a level 1 student in the program and a lot of my classmates had low 80 scores last fall and were still accepted. Our final class average was a 76 after everyone had taken their HESI. I was where you are (at the edge of my seat waiting for acceptance), so I just want to reassure you all to take a deep breath and remain positive!!! Do not listen to everything you read on here; I did and nearly got an ulcer.. lol. Best of luck to all of you!! It's worth all the stress and hard work
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    I just basically want to know if a 90+ score is a gaurentee to get in. I got a 91.3% but my gpa isn't that great. but I heard from a few people gpa doesn't matter, and many say, admissions take other factors into considerations. i wonder what these factors are that they look at. I'm sure it's not a 100% that I got in just because of my 90+ score... right..? ah idk. And yes, I agree krissy... this forum definitely have been stressing me out the moment I found it lol oyy :spin: well, thanks for your kind reply!
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    today is the last day of testing !
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    Yep i got an 80, but my GPA is a 3.6. I only got a 70 in bio and chem! my best subjects! I did notice that you were required to have certain score in the Grammar section in my evolve account over view...I don't know my nerves are shot i have so much riding on this I am ****** that I only got a 70, and I thought I reviewed everything 2 months leading up...I heard that there are some people that scored a 76 and got in, and that they have to meet certain quotas for admission. I refuse to believe that someone who has a 90 or better with a 2.0 GPA can automatically get a seat, but perhaps that is the rule they have to follow...
    Good luck to everyone..
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    and thanks Krissy you are a calming effect on this thread..but man i wish it did not take a month to get the package in the mail telling you if you made it or not..

    Question, how can you tell on Web Advisor, I saw in some previous threads that you could tell before you got the package any truth to this? How do you do it if so??
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    log on to your web advisor and click on perspective student and then click on admissions status