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Hey guys, I saw that there was no post for our group so I decided to create on. How is everyone doing with their Hesi? Also, is someone who is accepted into their program declines admission, do... Read More

  1. by   kaitlynelisabeth
    Hoping you are all hanging in there! Time is flying! I know your in class a lot in the beginning but once you get out into clinical two days/one day a week you'll love it! I just wrapped up my level 2 gi gu clinical on the med surg unit/icu/cicu it was great.

    Sad to say exam 3 in gi gu did get the best of many of my class members tonight and recovery is just not an option in level 2 fail one and it's too hard to recover I luckily passed! But now for the dreaded final which is why I wanted to reach out to you all- I remember my mind set this time in level one- don't panic it is fixable with some study adjustments, tips, tricks and a little advice from a level one completer!

    hang in there your all doing great! It's tough but so rewarding! Remember you got accepted for a reason- your smart you can do it and if nursing school was easy- everyone would do it (hint why we are in a major nursing shortage!) keep up the awesome work!

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    Quote from kaitlynelisabeth

    hang in there your all doing great! It's tough but so rewarding! Remember you got accepted for a reason- your smart you can do it and if nursing school was easy- everyone would do it (hint why we are in a major nursing shortage!) keep up the awesome work!

    Just a heads up....there is no nursing shortage.
  3. by   kaitlynelisabeth
    I guess that all depends on what you want to do and where you want to work. I've seen some impressive statistics from Bergen nursing graduates many are employed within 6 months of graduation others were able to move up ranks of salaries at their current jobs in health care. It is a great field with many opportunities to grow academically and professionally
  4. by   tubellax0
    hey kaitlyn- thanks for all your advice this semester it really helped alot! next semester for level 2 i am taking cardiac first and i wanted to get a head start on the reading... should i just start from the beginning of the Med Surg book for do you recommend specific chapters?
  5. by   cestlavie123
    Hello I am entering level 2. Taking GI/GU first and then cardiac. I wanted to know does anyone have any advice or know any review materials that are helpful.
  6. by   kaitlynelisabeth
    Hey I just finished cardiac- pre read the powerpoints before class the only useful part of the med surg book for me was the diagnostic tests and the cd that comes with the book. The powerpoints have what you need to pass the tests. Be able to understand what they are saying more than focusing on writing every word. Know your cardiac drugs, class, mechanism of action, uses, s/e, adverse reactions, contraindications, antidote if applicable. You need to have a very firm understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the heart. I know you start with respiratory first and same goes for that drugs, disorders, it will help you a lot to understand the patho behind all the disorders or signs and symptoms when they say "hallmark" it's very important it is a key point that will appear on an exam. They use the phrase "don't make it harder than it has to be" I of course didn't listen, made it harder than it had to be and drove myself crazy for no reason. Clinical I can't really speak for since I was on a stroke/neuro unit but I got a B in the course it is definitely time consuming and you have to study and keep up but it is doable. I personally loved gi/gu I took that first than cardiac. However despite liking gi/gu more my grades were the same for both courses. I know information comes flying at you 100 mph but try (I know it's super hard to do bc you are sitting there for hours, your exhausted and overwhelmed and just want to go home) don't let yourself leave class confused or not totally understanding that night material. Trust me in level 1 you could go home and figure it out on your own or online it was pretty cut and dry. Level two not the case. It is just even more confusing, frustrating and time consuming trying to make sense of the information. The professors were very very available and helpful. Regardless of which instructor teaches what lectures use them both. If you find that one explains things more clearly in your head go to that one. They both have vast knowledge and experience in cardiac. Their enthusiasm and passion is very clear when they lecture you can see and hear it in their voice and eyes. Not being a personal fan of the cardiac system to begin with their enthusiasm helped me find a hidden passion for the topic. Hope you had a great first full week!
  7. by   Nursey1108
    Hey there!

    Just stumbled upon this site and have been reading all your posts. I recently just got accepted into bergen's fall nursing program 2014. I have completed all my required classes except for microbio and I wanted to know if you would reccomend taking it with the level 1 nursing courses or holding off for the summer after the first nursing semester?
  8. by   Jrose320
    Hi! So I definitely do NOT suggest taking micro during level 1. The work load it much more intense then most thought and it's a ton of information. Most students have /are taking it in the summer ! Beat of luck !!
  9. by   mg85
    Hi Kaitlyne!

    I have read numerous threads on this site, and have found that the amount of time you invested, dedicating yourself in helping other nursing students along the way is truly beautiful. THANK YOU!

    With that being said, I would like to know if there are any textbooks or additional readings you can suggest for an upcoming level 2 student? I have seen how stressed out a very dear friend of mine has been. She is currently finishing up level 1 and is also a mommy of 4. I would love to help her in any way possible. If you have the time to share any recommendations that has helped you get through level 2 I will truly appreciate it. Thanks so much!
  10. by   Nursey1108
    Thanks for the heads up!!! Sooooooo apreciate the feedback. Quick question for the program did you get to pick your sections or did the nursing department pick for you? Received and email that they regsitered the students but I've never heard of that before. Perhaps because of the new dean?
  11. by   Nursey1108
    Hey there! I am currently a level 1 nursing student and would greatly appreciate if you can let me know your study strategy for level 1. I am reading the texts but there is a lot of information that didn't make the powerpoint. Should I just be studying the powerpoint and referring the to the texts for corresponding information? Thanks so much!