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  1. by   jhun81
    I just received a letter from school saying we no longer require health insurance as of 7/5/2013? Gov. Christie signed into law such a bill?

    Am I the only one?
  2. by   kaitlynelisabeth
    See my post on August 7th regarding the letter you received. Yes the letter states Gov Christie no longer requires full time students to have health insurance coverage however as stated in the letter sent to our homes. Bergen community college and its hospital affiliates requires you DO need to have personal health insurance. This school can be sneaky and confusing with paperwork I urge you to read things twice three even four times and keep it in your records.
  3. by   kaitlynelisabeth
    Sorry let me re phrase that... The allied health divisions of Bergen Community College and the hospitals we affiliate with for clinicals REQUIRE us to have it! Please everyone get personal health insurance and provide a copy to health services with all of your health forms soon!! CPR Malpractice copies go to the Nursing Dept Secretary
  4. by   PCTJon
    since our clinicals start mid-october, can i wait to buy insurance so that i will go into effect on october 1st?
  5. by   kaitlynelisabeth
    PCTJon do not wait. The nursing department expects everything to be done and ready to go. I believe it states in the new handbook all paperwork (CPR malpractice, health forms, copy of personal health insurance) be in a one week prior to starting classes. So this Friday everything should be in! Don't wait- not worth it. If you are delaying getting health insurance for a reason- I would call the nursing department or go speak with them and get written permission to wait on getting it. They will and they have asked students to get up and leave lectures and skills lab practice due to not having the requirements in. I saw it happen in my class- do not wait on anything is my suggestion.
  6. by   PCTJon
    thanks. also, i wanted to know on top of the nursing kit and uniforms, we need a stethoscope, penlights, bandage scissors, pocket drug manual, anything else?
  7. by   kaitlynelisabeth
    Although the nursing field has done away with the tri color pen red blue green black in terms of charting a.m p.m care I personally liked having the tri color pen for when I got my pt chart I could immediately underline and circle things that were critical in red like isolation status, allergies, pt dnr status, poa, dr, in blue do my vitals and notes in green do any meds I needed to administer in black my charge nurse name, and for my own reference military time was hard so I had a clip board I bought with me each time on the clipboard i printed and taped a military clock, 7 standard protocols, med cart Pyxis code, code colors and what they meant and also the 6 rights of med admin and 3 checks. Normal vitals, I also carried a print out of normal lab ranges clipped onto my clipboard with blank paper to write any notes I needed or would need to do care planning later any hand off reports I listened in on. Or other info that was vital to pt care but was unnecessary to write on the chart always have blank paper- it's helpful if you have to for instance chart vitals every 15min for the next 3 hours as I did in military time for a doctor who ordered that to be done on my pt who I administered chemo to
  8. by   kaitlynelisabeth
    Penlights times like 3 you can buy three in a pack online they die run out of battery like crazy you may want to also get a under armor type long sleeve to put under your short sleeve top. Sometimes it was too much to have a jacket on in terms of worrying about contaminating my sterile field or just baggy and in the way but we did get cold so a solid long sleeve plain white shirt under your top definitely helps
  9. by   kaitlynelisabeth
    Sorry, I also bought the pocket assessment guide it was a spiral bound and tells you all the procedures so if I had to do a blood glucose accucheck I was able to quickly flip to that section and look up all necessary equipment, prior assessment needed, nursing interventions, or for instance a injection site I could flip to med admin IM, subcut, iv and see the necessary steps bc the nurses on the floor your charge nurse or your instructor may not have the time to explain it or ask you what you are doing to do so it came in handy I stopped carrying it after a few
    Weeks into clinical bc it was all stuff I knew by then we also started classes in Jan and did not enter clinicals until the second week in March so I'm not sure about the fall schedule since in level 2 we begin outside clinicals immediately the first week
  10. by   PCTJon
    btw, did they include apothecary measurements on the pharm math test?
  11. by   tubellax0
    what exact books is everyone getting?
  12. by   LMTK
    I bought three main textbooks for each class.

    Carolyn Jarvis "Physical Examination & Health Assessment 6th Edition."
    Kee MS, RN, Joyce LeFever "Pharmacology; A Nursing Process Approach 7th e"
    Wilkinson, Judith M. "Fundamentals of Nursing"

    These are all I can afford now after purchasing other equipment plus overpriced health insurance. Well, let the pain and glory begin!!

    Anyway, for those of you in section 003, since I'm type I diabetic, you're more than welcome to practice how to check the blood sugar or inject insulin shot on me, if we are allowed to do that.
  13. by   kaitlynelisabeth
    Please use the library resources! You can go to library website for Bergen and click a-z look for "StatRef" there are most of the books, textbooks, lab dx manuals, care planing books and all different nclex exam questions online! You don't even need to be at school! Our level just found this out two days ago! It's awesome! I hope you are all flourishing and loving level one. I'm always here if you have any questions!!

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