Are there any hospitals in NJ hiring ADN's? Are there any hospitals in NJ hiring ADN's? | allnurses

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Are there any hospitals in NJ hiring ADN's?

  1. 0 Like I'm graduating next spring and then I'm gonna go to an 4-year to get my BSN. Hopefully I can get my BSN in a year because I've taken so many credits. But I would love to get a job when I graduate from my CC.
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    Most desirable hospitals prefer BSN. But it is possible, probably in south jersey or in the mountains. I had my ADN for a few years and got one job offer at Capital Health while I was working on my BSN. I declined the offer at the time, attempted to contact them for a job, but they wanted nothing to do with me since I had no prior hospital experience. The market gets tougher the more time goes by, even in the course of one year. But get any experience that you can. It will be helpful!