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Hi Everyone, I'm interested in Rutgers Accelerated program (the one that starts the end of May) and their website states that when you're applying to complete a fall application. I tried to apply and the accelerated program... Read More

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    About living at Newark:
    They do have parking spaces for residents (though I believe you do pay for the pass). It would be good to live there for getting to class in the summer, but in the fall I do believe classes would be in New Brunswick.
    Not having a car isn't too much of an issue. Most of the places we have had classes and clinicals have a readily accessible train stop. For the Newark campus you can take a train into Newark Penn Station and then just hop on the light rail two stops and you're right at campus. For New Brunswick- the train stops right on George st. and most of the shuttles pick up right there and will take you right to class. Hospitals in NB are right up the street from the train too. We did go to one hospital that was not on a train route, but perhaps you could take a train/bus close to another classmate and work on a carpool?

    We carpool a lot, to save on money and time. Work out your options- perhaps commuting via train would be cheaper than moving to campus. But if you do live on Newark's campus it is easy to get to NB via train.

    Any other questions, just post or feel free to email me

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