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    Cheers, recieved email today informing me that I have been admitted into Rutgers Newark college of nursing for fall 2012. This is the regular program not the accelerated. I am Rutgers grad (2008) and in the interim went to Kean for about a year and this past year have been completing some prereqs at Rutgers and Essex County college. I applied as a school-school transfer student. I believe I will start at the sophmore level but I will double check that.

    Now to those who are consdering applying to rutgers whether you are a rutgers student already, community college student, out of state student etc... and you are wondering "are my grades good enough, gpa etc... let me share what I have heard/know my own expereince

    I am told that getting into Nursing program at Rutgers, whether out of highschool, transfer student etc... is competitve and with more and more people wanting to study nursing I am not that suprsied. Now if you check the Nursing Website it says you need a GPA of 3.3, if you get the actual paper brouchers about transfering into the Nursing program it says you need a 3.0 So clearly it is somewhere between 3.0 and 3.3 However upon talking to people who transfered into the Nursing program there gpa was about 3.7+ , I was told by them that Rutgers will not consider you if your gpa is less than 3.5 My gpa is 3.3 .... just 3.3 So if your gpa is not 3.7 and you feel despair, I would still apply anyway you never know.

    So what got me in- my gpa isn't 3.7+ so there must be something else

    -There is an essay portion of the application, I do feel like I wrote a strong essay
    - I indidcated my passion. That I am taking the prereqs, I will continue to finish up the prereqs over the summer. Overall I indicated that I really wanted to be a nurse

    - I currently volunteer at a hospital and I am a volunteer EMT-did that push the application into the yes catgory? I don't know but maybe

    -Former student- Is there an edge for a rutgers grad returning back to school to pursue nursing? I don't think so, I believe rutgers does not give prefernce to what college you went to but something to throw out there

    Like many of you applying to nursing school I am nervous as heck. My gpa is nowhere near the 3.7,3.8 etc... so my hopes for rutgers where not that high, but I did get in. Perhaps there is some truth to "gpa is not everything"

    So what is the point of this post? To give hope, to simply keep applying. I did not put all my eggs in the rutgers basket I applied to many 4 year and 2 year programs. My grades in prereqs thus far- B's, nothing but B's I have not gotten an "A" in science since 2005. So hope, all I am saying to those out there who are not acing every prereqs and holding the 4.0 do not give up on nursing school, you have to try
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    OH CONGRATS!!!!!! I AM SOO HAPPY FOR YOU!! I just graduated with my AS from Essex County College with a 3.33 also but when I went on the Rutgers website is said in bold letters Rutger is not accepting nursing applications at this time! My heart broke!! How did you do it?? When did you apply???? Instead I got accepted into Farleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck which is a bit of a drive as you can imagine! So along with the long commute Farleigh comes with a heavy price tag of $60,000 for just 2 years !
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    Thank you,

    First off grats on getting your AS from essex, essex is one of the schools I really want to complete my nursing.
    I applied as a college transfer to transfer student the deadline to apply was June 1st, feb-june 1st, and you find out before june 30th if you are in or out. I also know that Rutgers only admits once for the fall semster, there is no admittence for the spring semster. I myself applied in March, found out today June 14. Addtionally I am not sure if Rutgers is accepting transfer students from other schools.

    I would call up Rutgers and ask, make sure they know you have your RN. If that does not work go in person, myself I could never really get an anwser by calling. Just walk into the nursing dept. (Smith Hall) and ask, that is the best way.
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    Thank you!!
    I didn't get my RN license yet working on my BSN now only have my AS! I will try Rutgers again for next year!!
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    Hi! our grads are having a much easier time transfering to New Jersey City University (which the students call ECC-East) and Kean. both are much cheaper than Rutgers or Fairleigh or Felician- and better about # of credits awarded in transfer and a bit easier with the GPA requirements. I am a faculty member at Essex.
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    Quote from vickie3289
    Hi! our grads are having a much easier time transfering to New Jersey City University (which the students call ECC-East) and Kean. both are much cheaper than Rutgers or Fairleigh or Felician- and better about # of credits awarded in transfer and a bit easier with the GPA requirements. I am a faculty member at Essex.

    Is it true that you have to have your RN license or a bachelors to be accepted into Kean and NJU????

    The cost of Farleigh is ridiculous!! Just graduated this may from ECC with just a AS.
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    Congrats! That was my alma mater. Assuming you still need to take Statictics to get your BSN, see if you can get Professor ***** - he was my savior for that class! (granted, that was quite a few moons ago - he may be on to bigger and better things!)
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    just apply & see what happens. I got into the College of Nursing for Fall 2012
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    I found out yesterday that I got into the Nursing Program at Rutgers & I can't wait to start. I transferred to Rutgers last fall from Middlesex County College and was considered an Allied Health Major in the College of Arts & Sciences (since you cannot transfer straight into the nursing program from another college, you use to be able to do that, but not anymore. I heard the number of applicants from students trying to transfer into to Rutgers was out of this world! either way I'm happy they limited it to just Rutgers students, it evens the playing field a little; so much appreciated Rutgers) but in order to be considered you need 24 Rutgers credits to even apply (which takes about a year) I did finished that then did the school to school transfer application to get into the College of Nursing. I definitely think the school is competitive and for good reason; all professionals are for the most part. You want the cream of crop; not someone who fails their prerequisites. I hope this helps someone, I had doubts about whether I would get in or not & I did. So don't be discouraged by the number of applicants that may or may not apply; just do your best & apply!you never know what will happen best of luck !!!
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    Moved to New Jersey State Nursing Programs for more response from some of our NJ members.

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