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Acceptance to Muhlenberg school of nursing

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    I recently got accepted to muhlenberg school of nursing. So excited. i will be traveling from NYC. I wanted to know anyone else out there who got accepted for fall 10.

    I will be Taking Chemistry 105( Im so upset, b/c they won't accept my general chemistry), Intro to nursing, and math and dosage. Is math and dosage given online??? anyone know any good prefessor at UCC @ elizabeth campus.
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    i just got accepted on July 1 for fall ' excited hope to see you there
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    wow...u just got accepted. what classes r u taking
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    Congrats on your acceptance for the Fall cohort. I am applying for Jan 2011, but I have almost no info on the school. How competitive is it? How many students apply vs. accepted. I am hoping for the accelerated 1 year program since I already have a B.A. Any info you have to share, I would love to hear. They have a very late deadline - Sept 15 for Jan admission and that is pretty unusual. I don't know of any other accelerated R.N. program like it, so that might mean it is in even higher demand. Looking forward to hearing from you and good luck!
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    You need a 2.5 cum avg. You must pass the NET entrance exam. I have a BS degree as well, i have the option to complete in a year, but i work fulltime, so im in the generic evening program. Im from NY, I was rejected 5 times, i finally decided to apply to a school in NJ and i finally got accepted!! Im so happy.
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    hi guys!
    im applying to muhlenberg for january. I have a ba already so does that mean it will only take me a year to complete it. I hope that my undergrad takes off some of the general ed credits needed
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    Is there dorms
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    Hi, I'm applying to Muhlenberg's Accelerated program for the Spring 2011. Now, between Trinitas and Muhlenberg, which is the better program? A teacher from Essex County College is telling me that Trinitas is a better program. However, Trinitas doesn't have an accelerated program. Any opinions about either or both?
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    Muhlenberg does offer dorms. As far as which school is better Im not sure. Reading the treads on this site i have read trinitas is very intense. I know all nursing school you have to study hard, but trinitas give you a lot of work load. Have not heard too much about muhlenberg.
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    I got my acceptance letter today from Muhlenberg accelerated program starting Jan 2011. Reaching out to anyone else who may have heard from the school. Do you know if they offer dorms for all students or just generic? Where are the clinicals held? How many students are accepted? Can't wait to hear from you.
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    Congratulations! I know you're excited. I decided not to go to Muhlenberg. Wish you all the best.
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    hello ladies. i know this post is older but i was wondering how everyone was liking muhlenberg and trinitas? please let me know, input would be greatly appreciated! thanks!
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    Hi all, was planning on going to Muhlenburg after I graduate from lpn in a month.. But a friends friend goes there and was telling me that all day the professor says to her "I can't wait to fail you, your going to fail!" I mean, what the hell is up with that? After I heard that I said "OK, muhlenburgs OUT! Anyone else hear anything like this?