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Hi, I have a GED and my prerequisite classes in Algebra, Chemistry and Biology finished. I want go for a degree in Nursing and have searched online for RN Programs in NH and I keep finding online... Read More

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    I think that's an excellent idea. I was actually on that track to begin with. But then PSU began thier BSN program right at the right time for me. I will be in the first class to graduate there.
    I am 43 years old and I figured, why wait if I can just do it now. And I had all the pre-req's finished. I had thought ahead because I knew I wanted to transfer somewhere for my BSN, so I was taking the classes I knew would transfer to most 4 year colleges while I was doing my pre-req's for my ADN. It just happened to work out right for me.
    Just call the school and get started! You can do it.
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    Thank you for your positivity Sherri!
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    Can you please give me the phone number to call for curriculum planning dept in PSU? the site doesnt have any but my admission letter states that I should contact curriculum planning for transfer of my courses. Thank you.
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    email Tamara at tcocchiarella@mail.plymouth.edu
    She is very helpful and will point you in the right direction. She really helped me with my schedule and then pointed me in the right direction.
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    Is there any MSN direct entry program in NH (apart from UNH) for people with a degree from other fields?
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    I think Franklin Pierce offers that. Check out thier website.
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    Yes! These programs have become more popular and there are more schools that offer them BUT don't go into it if you're looking for a "recession proof job" Lots of people rack up tons of debt and then can't find work. There have been layoffs in a lot of the hospitals.
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    What were the best/worst parts of nursing school? I am thinking of changing careers (I'm a male, by the way) and going into nursing to help 'make a difference.' I went to school and got a degree in Business before - I imagine that the coursework will be challenging. I plan to pursue it part time if possible. Any advice/recommendations?