UNH Direct Entry Master's Program

  1. Hi!!!

    I am very interested in applying to UNH's Direct Entry Master's of Nursing Program. I have seen a few older threads discussing this program, and was wondering if any current students or graduates from this program could offer any further insight? The program is for students with a degree in another area, and I was wondering how much you were able to utilize your first degree in this program and in the nursing field in general? I have my B.S. in Psychology and would love to use my love and knowledge for psychology in my nursing career.

    Also, how competitive is the program? I had a 3.8 GPA during my Bachelor's but am lacking in professional experience. My husband is in the military and will be getting out soon, so I plan on trying to get a position or volunteer in a health care setting before I apply to gain more experience and knowledge as well as increase my chances of getting accepted. Any advice that anyone could give me would be so very appreciated!

    Thank you!
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  3. by   Mel1018
    HI there! I was wondering if you had decidede to send in your application for the DEMN program? If so, have you heard back yet? I am still waiting to hear back and getting quite anxious!

  4. by   KarenAMF
    Mel - I still haven't heard anything. My application still shows as "under department review". Anyone been contacted for interviews?
  5. by   apa317
    I had my interview yesterday, an e-mail was sent out on the 23rd of September.
  6. by   Mel1018
    I also heard 9/23 and had an interview Thursday 9/29. Final decisions should be out by Columbus Day
  7. by   KarenAMF
    Thank you. Mine still shows under review. This might not be my year!

    Hope you both had great interviews! Good luck!
  8. by   madison13
    I have my interview this week - I also heard on the 23rd. How was the interview? Was it with Dr.'s Joan Hahn and Susan Fetzer? What other programs have you/will you apply to?
    Good luck!
  9. by   apa317
    My interview was not with those two. I had two other interviewers. I have not heard back yet - I am only applying to UNH, that is the only place I want to go! Plus, I live in the area and graduated from UNH with my bachelor's already. The interview went well for me, but I was super nervous and kind of forgot what I was talking about in the middle of my sentences.. but I figured it out! It went a lot better when I relaxed and was just myself. Both of the ladies who interviewed me (I am withholding names because I'm not sure who reads this! ) were extremely friendly and very laid back. I almost wish that there could have been a second interview because at the end I was very comfortable with them and would have been able to perform better given another chance. Oh well, though! Still waiting to hear back....

    What about you guys?
  10. by   ab81
    Hi guys!
    I had my interview on October 4. It was not with either of the women I was told I would be interviewing with but I think it went well. I had a hard time getting a sense of how competitive the program is so I am on edge about my chances of being accepted. I was told at the interview that they would make their decision within the department in the next week and then they would pass it along to the graduate school. I have been checking online everyday and the suspense is killing me!
  11. by   ab81
    Anyone here back from the UNH DEM program yet?
  12. by   apa317
    Not yet! I have been checking every time I sit down at the computer, I am so anxious to hear back! What is your plan if you don't get in this year?
  13. by   liltenderheart
    Hi all,

    I had my interview two weeks ago and I found out yesterday by e-mail that I am accepted!!! I wish you all the best of luck! Please let me know if you get accepted I would love to chat with anyone else also starting in JAN! I am so thankful to god, my family and all my friends for supporting me. I think I am still in shock and on cloud 9 =)

  14. by   ab81
    When was your interview? They notified you by email regarding your acceptance. I hope it is not a bad sign that I have not heard either way....
    Congrats again that must feel so great!