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Hi!!! I am very interested in applying to UNH's Direct Entry Master's of Nursing Program. I have seen a few older threads discussing this program, and was wondering if any current students or... Read More

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    Hey Guys!
    I am from northeast Massachusetts. I am planning on moving to the Portsmouth area in January because I believe the commute will just be too much time and stress in addition to the workload. I have been looking online for apts and room shares but I am nervous to move in with strangers. I was actually hoping to meet someone at orientation that may be in a similar situation that is looking for an apt or a shared living situation. Anybody else in a similar predicament?
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    I didn't look for anyone needing housing today, but I have a friend who works at Portsmouth Hopsital and lives in Dover and she is looking for a roommate for January. My e-mail is apw6@wildcats.unh.edu if anyone is interested! (I will e-mail more info too!)
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    Hi everyone!

    I have applied for the DEMN program starting in January 2013. Has anyone else applied? When will we here back?!
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    Hi! I applied for early admission (I think the deadline for that was in May) and had my interview at the end of July and found out their decision about a week later... I got in! If you applied after May, I think that they said they would make decisions in October? I hope this helps and good luck!!! I know how stressful it is just waiting!
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    Hi Jodi! Thank you for your reply! Congrats on getting accepted, that is awesome!! I'm so anxious, I just want to hear back!!
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    I'm interested in the program as well! Is there any feedback that you could provide? Pros, cons, etc.?
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    I have been accepted!
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    Congrats asilv I've also been accepted and will be going. Everyone reading this who is part of our cohort has probably already noticed the mass email from the program yesterday so now at least we have each other's email addresses, though I'm sure we'll also get to meet at next week's orientation.