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Does anyone have any opinions or observations around which NH schools produce better nurses? I'm applying to NHCTC and NHTI, and I'm wondering if I should apply to others as well....regardless of cost.... Have any of you... Read More

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    I graduated from NHCTC Stratham in May 2005, my class also had a 100% pass rate on the NCLEX. I felt prepared to begin my practice as a nurse, as much as you can feel prepared for the real world of nursing! It is much different than being in school and clinicals.
    I would recommend looking at the different programs and applying to the ones that would fit your needs. Each program is a little different as far as the make up of the program but the requirements for graduation are all pretty much the same. The education that you walk away with will depend a lot on what you put into it and the committment you make for studying. That will determine how prepared you are more than the school that you attend.
    Best of luck!

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