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  1. Hi, all.

    I'm a new graduate from a school of nursing in MA, and I just accepted a job offer in NH. I'm very excited to be able to work as a GN, since you can't do that in MA. I'm a little confused by the licensing process in NH, though, so I'm wondering if anyone could help me out a bit.

    I obviously need to submit my application for licensure by examination to the state board. I know I will also have to submit the application for a temporary license. Do I have to submit the temporary license application after I have submitted the other one (it says they won't be considered until after the permanent licensure application is accepted), or can I send them in at the same time?

    I don't understand the fingerprinting thing. It's not a part of the requirements in MA, so I'm confused. Do I have to get the fingerprint card done and send it at the same time I send in my application(s) for licensure? Or can I send in the application at the same time I'm moving forward on getting the fingerprints done, and then I'll get my ATT (Authorization to Test) when everything's in? Also, do any of you have any wisdom with regards to which way is the faster way of getting the fingerprinting done and to the board?

    Finally (and I'm so sorry this is lengthy!), I assume I can just have my school send my transcripts in at the same time I am sending in my application. Any wisdom on this?

    Thank you all so much! I appreciate any insight you can give.

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  3. by   RNmaria
    Fot he most accurate of information, I would suggest calling the NH Board of Nursing directly. Lucily I missed the fingerprint thing last year. But I understand it can be a lengthly process and would get on it quickly.

    Best of luck,

  4. by   kelbh
    Thanks for the advice! I've tried calling the board with little luck, but I'm moving forward as best I can. Overnight & certified mail are my friends!
  5. by   suzanne4
    If they require fingerprints, then those need to be done at the same time that you are applying, just like most other states. Without a completed file, they will not do anything with your application.

    Everything can be submitted to them at the same time, including the request for the temporary license. All requirements need to be met before they will issue you a temp license and this means that you have met all of their requirements accept for writing the NCLEX exam.

    The ATT is actually issued by Pearson-Vue and they cannot release it without approval from the BON, as well as having received payment for the exam.

    I would have your school send in your transcripts as soon as possible, that is usually what takes the longest.

    Best of luck to you.

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