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    i'm currently in the process of applying to accelerated bsn at mass college of pharm. in manchester. are there any current or former students that would like to share their experiences and impressions of the school? any application advice? how are the clinicals?

    any info or advice will be greatly appreciated!

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    I am neither, however during clinical rotation I did meet one grad and one about to be grad, and they spoke very highly of the program And you get to do your preceptorship(last semester) in the hospital in your area of choice. Good luck!
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    Thanks for your input!
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    Hello! I am in the process of applying there now, have you finished your application? Hope it's all going well! I'm probably going to submit it this week : )
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    I'm waiting to get back a recommendation and then I'm submitting, hopefully this week as well. I'll keep you posted if I hear anything. Good luck with yours!
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    Thank you! I'll keep you posted as well- it would be cool if we were in the same class! Where are you from? I'm from the Boston area
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    Right now I live in Mass near the NH border. I really hope I get in to this program but Iím nervous. My undergrad grades could be better, but Iíve done a lot academically and professionally since then so Iím hoping that will make up for it.
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    Good luck! I finished my application- I believe everything except one of my recommendations is in (that should be in later this week!) so hopefully I'll hear in the next few weeks...
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    I've been dying to hear! The lady at admissions said i'd hear sometime this week or early next... I just want to get in!!
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    I got in!!! Have you heard yet?

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