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I want to become an LNA and I am looking around at different schools that offer the program. Are there any LNA programs that offered for free with the exchange of working there after? Also, if you have never gone to school in... Read More

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    Quote from goddess66
    NH does reimburse you for any tuition spent after 6 months of work in a facility. Good luck!
    Actually, the statute doesn't specify a length of service. My dau was reimbursed by the state after only three weeks--she filed the paperwork the day after she started working as an LNA.

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    Quote from wannaBEanRN
    I finished my first semester of my ADN program, so I sent off my paperwork with a letter from my school, stating that I had completed so many hours in Fundamentals, and now I can get my LNA license.

    Does anyone know how long it takes the state to respond? I had to send another form, notarized, to the State Police for a criminal background check. I have to wait until the BON gets that also, but that should be clear, since I've never had any dealings with the police.

    I'm taking a break from the nursing program so I can finish my sciences. I started to do Med/Surg 1 this semester, and realized that there was no way I could do that and A&P2 and lab. Way too much for a mom of 4 with an 1+ hour commute each way every day. So my school said they'd hold a spot for me for next January - I'm grateful for that!

    But I'd like to pick up some shifts at our local hospital, or any local hospital, as an LNA. I really don't want to do nursing home work. I know the pay is better, a little bit, in hospitals, and if I get my foot in the door now as an employee, that could be something I could just continue on with as my schooling progresses. As soon as I have license in hand, I'll be sending out applications to all the hospitals I'm willing to drive to, which isn't many out here in the boonies! Well, maybe I would if they had tuition reimbursement......hmmmmm......!
    I found this site very useful when I was waiting for my license. I knew weeks before it arrived and where ever you apply will be able to look you up as well. Hope it helps! http://www.nhlicenses.nh.gov/
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    Anyone know the quickest way to go from LNA to RN?
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    If you go the NH Board of Nursing site they have a list of all LNA/CNA (yes- same thing in NH) that you can print. Some are $$ and many such as county nursing homes train you if you agree to work there. A friend who has been an LNA in Laconia for 3 years is now making over $18 an hour with her raises! Good luck in your education!

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