Im applying everywhere!! When will they get back to me.

  1. So I just completed my phlebotomy course At MCC and the Internship @ St. Joes. Now Im looking for a job and applying to all local hospitals & doctor's offices.. and no word back. Well, one - Dartmouth in Lebanon called for an interview but i live 2 1/2 hours away from them .
    I guess my question is how long until someone will get back to you? I did all the applying online over a week ago.
    Another question - Should I wait till i get a job in the field (if i do) or should i just look into getting my certification right away?

    Thanks for reading and any input
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  3. by   RR910

    honestly they most likely wont call you back you need to call them back i applied where i work for about 15 jobs and called them back on all asking if they had a chance to look at my app.

    also maybe try red cross jobs to get some experience under your belt it always looks better

    but the main point you have to be very persistent because think one job opening probably gets hundreds of applicants!

    good luck! don’t give up!
  4. by   missingunc
    thanks for your advice. I just assumed because of dealing with Human Resources that they didnt care about you calling them. I figured they would get to me if they were interested. Once hospital told me "we'll call you if we want an interview" and that was with me being persistant.
  5. by   RR910
    some people may get upset but what can you do? some people will not mind and understand and like how your very interested in the job as well id still look for other jobs to mabye something per diem so you not stuck with em and keeping looking for full time if thats what you want any ecperince looks good