How to get MA LNA with current NH LNA?

  1. Hi all -

    Does anyone know how I should go about the process of getting my current NH LNA with a MA LNA license? I understand that since some of the New England states are commutable one can get more than 1 states license. How do I go about this? I ive on the border and considering to get a job in MA.

    Thank you so much!
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  3. by   kukukajoo
    MA will pay more for sure. I don't know of the process- their licensing for LNA is seperate from their Nursing licensing. I do know that they have a LNA/CNA license as well as a Home Health Certification which is really good to have and necessary if you are working doing home health for a company that bills medicare/medicaid. Generally these two are offered together so easy to obtain.

    I remember I could not find information on this searching the web, so I called MA bon and they gave me the phone #.

    Best to you!
  4. by   HTmommy
    Hi kukukajoo ~Thanks for your response.
    I contacted the MA DON and was informed that al I needed to do was a transfer which indicates paperwork and a 20 dollar fee. Once completed I will have duel license.
    Thanks again!