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  1. Has anyone applied to Holy Name Hospital RN program for 2010? I took the teas March 27th and am still waiting for my results.
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  3. by   CaitlinLiz
    I applied last year and was accepted. I decided to wait a year and start in 2010 because they told me at the last minute. I know you posted this a couple of days ago, but have you heard anything yet? I know that they stop accepting new applicants and begin scheduling financial aid counseling appointments next Thursday (the 15th). I hope you get in, good luck!! Maybe I'll be seeing you in a couple of months.
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  4. by   tmhart
    I just heard two days ago that the teas results came in and to call to schedule an interview appointment. So I have an interview April 20th. I really hope I get in!!
  5. by   tmhart
    How did your interview go when you had it last year?
  6. by   CaitlinLiz
    I feel like its safe to say if you have an interview its a good sign. It is pretty laid back, it was more telling me what the school was like than anything else. dont stress too much about it, they are really nice and spend most of the interview explaining things and showing you around. Good Luck!!
  7. by   tmhart
    So you were right, they basically just told me about the program and what classes I would be taking. Very laid back. I am a bit nervous though. She said that they are starting to wait list already, so If I am not accepted this fall possibly Fall 2011.
  8. by   CaitlinLiz
    Cross your fingers, and keep you phone on you 24-7!!! When they wait list, it gets cut down REALLY fast. I was #23 in a waiting line up and they called me a week before school started in August and asked if I wanted to start that year or be put into the program for sure for the next year. I ended up saying I would wait until 2010 so that I could work for a year and save money... but if I had said yes they would have let me start 2009. So definately keep your phone near you and answer or call back ASAP if they call you. Being on the waiting list isn't *always* the end of the line!! Good luck!!!!
  9. by   tmhart
    So I received a letter from Holy Name today saying that I am on a waiting list for 2010 and if no spots open up for me this year I have a spot for the Fall 2011 program. I really hope one opens up!!!
  10. by   tmhart
    How did you find out that you were #23? I was going to email them to see if I could find out where I stand on the list but I dont want to seem pushy.. By the way thanks so much for your responses, it really helps knowing whatever information I can get! and good luck when you start!!
  11. by   Pmusicinhamony
    Hey im going to holy name in Aug 2010 as well!! I got waitlisted because i applied really late but it gave me a year to take courses and prepare! I cant wait to start.
  12. by   Pmusicinhamony
    Hey I cant fig out how to write back to your message.but that would be really cool..if you want write to me on aim or email me..pmusicinharmony@aol.com
  13. by   CaitlinLiz
    Quote from Pmusicinhamony
    Hey I cant fig out how to write back to your message.but that would be really cool..if you want write to me on aim or email me..pmusicinharmony@aol.com
    hah alrighty sounds good!
  14. by   CaitlinLiz
    TmHart- I actually called and asked them! The person I talked to said "well we don't normally do this but you are about 23 people back on the list" and told me it could move quickly or slowly it always changes. I would just call and ask, see what they say! You've got nothing to lose!!