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Has anyone applied to Holy Name Hospital RN program for 2010? I took the teas March 27th and am still waiting for my results.... Read More

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    I called HNH today to find out what number I was on the waiting list but they said they cannot tell me that type of information. So for now Ill just keep my fingers crossed. I have 3 more classes to take of prereq. so I am going to take them this fall if I have to wait a full year before HNH starts.

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    hey everyone, i had my interview, i did very well on my teas above -85s and 90s on every section, but i was waitlisted until next year. they asked me why it took me so long to apply but they registered me for my test and the date. they told me to take my corequisites but t urns out i have only three more to take. ill have those done within the next semester. the only thing i am not looking forward to is only taking one class per semester when i get into the program. i guess ill focus more, but i wanna get out of school already!!!
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    Wow you did great on the TEAS! congrats.. looks like we'll be starting together next year. Im in the same boat as you, I have three classes left to take for prereqs. Since we'll only be taking one nursing class a semster we'll have more time to focus and study. Good luck. Can't wait to start next year with you. Where are you from?
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    hey tmhart, im from dumont, nj. i go to bergen community and finishing up all my coreqs there. what about you?
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    I used to work in Dumont and my boyfriends cousins live there!! Im from Washington Township, I went to BCC for most of my prereqs and im taking a class there this fall.
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    hah thats so funny, where did you work? i probably know your boyfriends cousin, such a small town.
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    Washington Ave Peds
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    Quote from CaitlinLiz
    I applied last year and was accepted. I decided to wait a year and start in 2010 because they told me at the last minute. I know you posted this a couple of days ago, but have you heard anything yet? I know that they stop accepting new applicants and begin scheduling financial aid counseling appointments next Thursday (the 15th). I hope you get in, good luck!! Maybe I'll be seeing you in a couple of months.

    Hey Caitlin

    I 'm starting in the HNH Fall 2010 program too I already met up with the financial aid lady and she was really nice. Did you take your CPR training class yet? Im taking mine's tomorrow. Also the other day I got the information about uniforms. Did they send yo anything about the books yet?

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    hey cool..another person will be starting with us!! Where are you from? I got the info about uniforms like tues last week..im goin this week tues i think to get mine.cant wait..i dont know anything about books yet lol..do u have 2 take any pre-reqs while at HNH?
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    Omg Im so happy I live in Clifton. Where are you from? I can't wait to get my uniform either, I think Im going in the first week of June. When you go are you going to purchase the stethoscope? I don't know if we should wait to see what they say or ask the sales people that work there. LOL

    I don't have to take any pre-reqs at HNH, I completed all of them I only need the Nursing classes. How about you?

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