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Has anyone applied to Holy Name Hospital RN program for 2010? I took the teas March 27th and am still waiting for my results.... Read More

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    Okay I don't know how to/if I can PM haha so I'll respond to you in e-mail!
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    hi guys.. just wondering... are you all going to take RN or LPN this fall in HN?
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    I am doing the RN program at Holy Name
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    Hi mriso!
    I am also in the RN program. Are you starting at Holy Name this fall?
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    Hi!! I'm going to start the RN program as well. Are you attending?
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    hi.. Im in LPN program for this fall. I just got a letter yesterday, thursday. I read the letter regarding FAFSA and uniform due May 15/ July 15 for uniforms. I hope I'm still not late. Im planning to take the bridge exam after my LPN. Good luck to you guys.
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    Hi Everyone
    I'm new to this site. I just got my letter of acceptance from HN today! yippee! Will be starting LPN program Sept 2011
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    Congrats jnurse21!! Best of luck to you!
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    Thanks soo much! Can't wait
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    hi jnurse21... im going to HN for LPN program too this fall2011... ill see you then.