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Has anyone applied to Holy Name Hospital RN program for 2010? I took the teas March 27th and am still waiting for my results.... Read More

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    I was on the website LessStress that they recommended and they're all the same cost- $80.00 and 4-1/2 hours. I'll look on the AHA website for other options. HN has one there on July 10 so that's a backup!

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    This is the site I'm going through. I have a certification though so I'm just getting recertified.
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    Gotcha, thank you , I'll check it out.
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    I was going to go to the red cross in ridgewood June 26 it's a Sunday from 9-5 $90 I just need to register for it.. I was looking for one in July but couldnt find any
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    tmhart- here's where I saw the course at HN:
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    Thanks soo much! I think I'll go there instead I'll prob do the July one
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    We're all on point with everything haha
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    LOL, we need to establish our student support system before we even walk in the doors there! I think I'm doing the June one as well.
    I'm so close to being able to PM. I wanted to ask about and offer more details about myself but I'd rather keep it private, you know?
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    Yes I know what you mean. I like our little support system
    already! I don't think I can PM.. I can give you both my email if you want to email instead
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    I just PM'd you both with my email. I couldn't send one message to you both, so I had to do two separate.

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