For RNs looking for a pedi/women's & children's position. NEW GRADS welcome!!

  1. Parkland Medical Center in Derry, NH is hiring on pedi (at least 50% nights). It's a 32 hour position, two days a week you'll work two 12s and then the next week you'll work three 12s, so it evens out to 32. It's flexible as well if you want to work something out with coworkers to have a set schedule, and there are NO weekends involved. They pay for you to become NRP and PALS certified. Their pedi census is low but they recently started a pilot program for nurses to flex to the pediatric ED when the floor is closed. The floor nurses are orienting now and in the process of decorating the pedi rooms down there. The ED has a high pedi census, and if a patient is admitted you bring them up to the floor and continue to be their nurse up there. It's great.

    You also have the option to learn postpartum and float over there. The nurse manager is also open to letting nurses learn L&D after they become competent everywhere else. You ARE required to flex to other units if needed when the floor is closed, but you can opt to be helping hands (starting IVs, taking vitals, doing a transfusion, being a sitter, administering meds, helping with admissions) instead of taking an assignment until you feel comfortable because if the pedi floor needs to open you have to be able to drop everything and go because the ED is not allowed to hold patients.

    The pedi problems that come to the floor include blood transfusions for anemia, appendectomies, orthopedic surgery, GI/dehydration, respiratory, newborns needing phototherapy, and your other basic community hospital peds problems. You also start your own IVs. The floor is a women's and children's unit, so you get hysterectomies a few times a week, some antepartum issues like hyperemesis gravidarum requiring TPN, perioperative female patients (mostly cholecystectomies, lysis of adhesions, and appies). You also finish recovering stable post-op kids and female adults after hours. The average census is 1:1 or 2 or 3 (I know!!) You get a long orientation (as long as it takes), because you're the ONLY pedi nurse on the floor and you need to feel comfortable being the pedi resource. PMC also pays for you to becoming a certified pediatric nurse through ANCC. I love working here. Message me if you want anymore info. I'm not marketing for them, just a satisfied RN who works there.
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  3. by   yp1624
    I am a new grad and went to the parkland medical center website and did see a position for pedi and women but it did say that prior med surg experience is required?? Are new grads welcome just in some specialties in the hospital? -thanks
  4. by   NeoPediRN
    Hi. I know it says med-surg is required but new grads can apply. I believe surgical vascular and med-surg also accept new grads. I know there are a handful who recently started.
  5. by   Mckid10
    Hi! I just saw this opening on the Parkland website and then happened upon your post. I thought it was for 4 8-hour shifts but your post cleared that up and offered a lot more information. I'm very interested in this position and I've just applied. Glad to see you are happy there. Thank you for your post!