Applying for jobs- Help!

  1. I'm going to be graduating in May and am trying to apply for jobs. I go to school in New England and would, ideally, like to stay somewhere in this area. Applying for jobs is so overwhelming! I don't know where to start. Does anyone have any suggestions on hospitals I should apply to in New England? Or know of where I can go to find the top New England hospitals? Or top hospitals anywhere???

    Any help would be really appreciated...
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  3. by   niko1999 RN BSN
    Congrats on your pending graduation! As far as top hospitals, I would have to say bar-none in NH is Dartmouth, depending on your location. Elliot is a pretty top notch hospital in my opinion as well. Where are you looking to live? New England is a pretty broad area :P
  4. by   rbex09
    I know. I posted the same topic in the MA, RI, and NH forums hoping to hear back from people from each state. I'd really love to get into an OB specialty, but I hear that it's nearly impossible.
  5. by   NeoPediRN
    Not impossible! I just got hired as a new grad in a NH hospital. My primary unit is pediatrics but I'll be cross trained to labor and delivery, mother/baby/nursery, and women's surgical. Just be persistent. That was the key for me.
  6. by   icantsurf
    As far as Northern New England goes... I have lived in VT, NH and ME and I went to school in MA. Boston has several of the nations best hospitals. IMO, if you aren't going to work in Boston, then the best hospitals are Dartmouth Hitchcock in Hanover (or is it Lebanon?) and Maine Medical Center in Portland, ME. They are the only hospitals in Northern NE that make the US News and World Report rankings. Maine Medical Center just completed construction on an new, enormous women & children's center also. Fletcher Allen in Burlington, VT doesn't get as good of reviews as the others I have mentioned, but Burlington is a really, really great place to live.
    Boston, MA, Burlington, VT and Portland, ME are the only cities here that I would consider living in for the long term, I live in Manchester, NH right now. I am going to move away from NH the second that I graduate. I would never dream of raising children here or living here any longer than I have to. If I worked at Dartmouth Hitchcock, I would commute from Vermont.
    I can't really tell you much about RI or CT, other than Providence seems like a cool city and Yale New haven is supposed to be a good hospital.
  7. by   nightshift82
    Congrats on your new job:wink2: