2011 Nursing program at NHTI

  1. Hi everyone! I was just seeing if anybody else here got accepted into the Nursing program at NHTI for the fall 2011 semester! I thought this would be a good way for us to get to know eachother and share information for if we ever have any questions or want to get any study groups going! Congrats to everyone who got in!!!
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  3. by   mandispooner
    Hi there! I just received my acceptance letter yesterday! I can't wait to start...so excited!
  4. by   sdupont4931
    I got my acceptance letter this past Wednesday! I am on the waiting list for MCC so if I get accepted there then I think I will go there because it is closer to my house. I am still sending in my $100 dollars so I dont lose my spot at NHTI.

    I am still debating whether to just go to NHTI because I have been going there so long.

    Glad to see others who have been accepted!!!
  5. by   momeilg
    Anyone know how they assign labs/ clinicals? I am trying to square away childcare for fall, but even with the available times posted, there are so many variables. Do we have about the same clinical schedule each week? And do we get to choose a.m. or p.m. for our lab and clinical times? My daycare needs to know by the end of the month, and I cannot believe that we don't find out our schedules until June...I really want to be able to do this program. Congrats to all, by the way!
  6. by   sherri12
    I was accepted to NHTI for the fall also. I just found out I was also accepted to Plymouth State College too. They will be putting me in as a Junior since I have so many pre-req's done and I will be able to graduate in June of 2013 with a BSN. PSU was a last minute decision because it's 5 min from my house and because I'd have a BSN in the same amount of time as an ASN at NHTI.
  7. by   esokitty
    momeilg - Congrats on your acceptance! I'm finishing up my first year at NHTI now.
    You will have one lab day and one clinical day during your first semester. They will remain the same week to week.
    FIrst semeste - Labs are on monday or tues or weds, either early afternoon or late afternoon. Clinicals are either thursday or friday, either morning (7-1?) or 2-9.
    You will find out your schedule during orientation. Best of luck!
  8. by   momeilg
    Thanks esokitty!! Do I have any choice in a.m. or p.m. clinicals? Or a.m. or p.m. labs? Or is everything assigned to us, totally randomly? Thanks again for your input...and how was the first year??
  9. by   esokitty
    First year is AWESOME. Are you taking other courses besides nursing? or just the NU115?

    They will send you an info packet in which you list all of the other classes you are taking, and can make requests for days/evenings, but they are very clear that they can guarantee nothing and don't partcularly like requests for daycare/travel/whatever issues.

    So far I have been lucky enough to have all evening clinicals, because as a single mom of a 2 year old and a 4 year old, if I had to be an hour away at 7am, there isn't a daycare on earth open early enough. Although they say that they will be sure that people who have been evenings get days and vice versa, so, WHO KNOWS?!?!

    Be ready to drop over 1000 at the book store for first semester, but after that you've got most of your books you use through the rest of the program.

    And get involved in the Student Nurse Association - SNA. It's a fantastic organization with lots of opportunities! I'll see you at a meeting!
  10. by   chuckles1114
    Hi all- I will be there in the fall!! I just started looking around this site- we should definitely try and keep something up for our 'class'!
    I, too, was bummed that we have to wait until June to get our schedule! I am just so excited I want to get going! Has everyone finished their pre-reqs? I have Micro left and am taking it this summer, but at Nashua CC because their schedule worked better for me than NHTI's.
    I have two kids- 11, and 14, and they are used to having mom around to do everything... it will be an interesting fall! The clinical times worry me- Neither is great, but I picked days as the lesser of two evils for my family. My husband is a Lieutenant Firefighter/paramedic and works 24 hour shifts. With the 7-3 shift on days when hubby is working the kids will have to get themselves to the bus without me , but if I get the 3-10, no one will be home when they get home, and they are both involved in sports, plus dinner, etc. That would be too much alone time!! I am sure all will adjust-
    Where is everyone going to get their shoes? I want to get the uniform danskos clogs- anybody know a good place to get them cheaper?
    Books- when we get the list in June I am going to shop around- I found a lot of my other books at Barnes and Noble and Amazon significantly cheaper than the bookstore. One girl told me we had to get them at the book store because of the 'bundles' but someone else said they are doing away with the bundles this year... anybody hear any differently?
    Is everyone going to the June 17th registration?

    Let's keep the discussion here going!
    Take care everyone!
  11. by   sdupont4931
    Hi Everyone!

    I haven't been on to look at the thread lately! I am so glad to see others in the program with children because I am a mother of 3. I am a 4 year old son and 2 year old twins, boy and girl. It will be tough, but I will make it through.

    I will be at the June 17th orientation!!!

    Im hoping we don't have to buy from the bookstore although I am willing. I want new books so I can keep them etc.
    I plan to buy uniforms and everything else that day and I just cant wait to start!!!

    Congrats everyone!
  12. by   NHSoxFan1975
    So,looking back in your first year, what were the best/worst parts? I am thinking of changing careers (I'm a male, by the way) and going into nursing to help 'make a difference.' I went to school and got a degree in Business before - I imagine that the coursework will be challenging. I plan to pursue it part time if possible. Any advice/recommendations?