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Hey All, I have applied to the nursing program at WNC and was wondering if anyone else on here has applied and what there total points were. It's giving me such bad anxiety, all this waiting!!!... Read More

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    Hey vpuentes, have you applied anywhere else or just WNC? I am kinda curious about the TMCC admission process. I wasn't able to apply to TMCC this time because I haven't taken NURS 130. I've applied to UNR twice and was put on the wait list both times.
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    Hey SLBlack, I think that getting into UNR is certainly tougher than the community college programs, but what I have been able to gather from the students who attended orvis is that the faculty is strongly committed to getting students through their training. Also, from personal experience the ladies that work in the office are awesome! They have been so patient with all my questions and encourage me not to give up. I would probably have a good experience with at WNC, but would lOVE to go to UNR.
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    agreed. I hear from people that the love the hands on experience that they get from TMCC and WNC. From what I hear UNR is a lot more theory than clinical practice. I really hope we both get in at WNC and see for ourselves!! Acceptance letters are going to be by email correct?
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    I think we had about 10 alternates that got accepted because those who were already accepted either declined or did not show up to the first orientation. If you got an acceptance letter, you MUST go to the first orientation or they will give your place away on the spot. If you are on the alternate list, you should go as well because you may get in if someone does not show up.
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    Cool good to know. Thanks doozer86!!
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    Anyone get an email or letter yet?
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    Nothing yet. We should by Wednesday right?? I'm SO stressed out about it!!
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    I spoke with a few of my friends that have applied but they have not heard anything either.

    Yes, we should hear by Wednesday according to the application.

    I too am very stressed - I've doubts that my 17 points will be enough this year. They had 10 Kaplan classes with a max of 20 people per class - I think most classes were full, leaving 200 possible applicants this year.

    10% scoring 4 pts = 20 people (assume 19pts)
    20% scoring 3 pts = 40 people (assume 18pts)
    35% scoring 2 pts = 70 people (assume 17pts)
    20% scoring 1 pts or less = 40 people (assume 16 pts)
    15% 0 points (fail a section) = 30 people

    Assuming every applicant has max points for grades/pre-req and in state point and we have a possble 40 to 48 spots this year. I don't think our chances are very good unless a large portion of those 18/19 people applied at both WNC and TMCC and were accepted into to TMCC and choose to go there.

    However, even if the above is true, the pool of applicants with 17pts is probably vast meaning most if any of these numbers will NOT make it into one of the open spots.

    Of course, I'm completely speculating and I really do hope I'm wrong.

    I also beleive that WNC will email those who are not getting in and send letters to those whom are accepted or put on the wait list. It seems to make financial sense rather than send out letters to all 200 applicants. I think they'll send letters to those who will be accepted because they'll need to send forms for those people to accept or decline their spot.

    I guess we should all know by Wendesday either way.
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    hear anything yet??
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    Just got the email! I'm in!
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    Congrats! I contemplated WNC's program, but there's no way I can afford the time to do the pre reqs and not get in the program for sure.

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