Why do you have to take the CNA class for LPN program at CSN?

  1. Hi everyone
    So i want to take the LPN program then do the LPN to RN bridge. My question is has anyone got into the LPN program at CSN and not taken the CNA program before hand? Can you just take the CNA certification exam instead? Or take the CNA classes along with the LPN classes?
    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   christina731
    I'm in the ADN program at CSN and having a CNA certification is not required. I think it should have been because those of us in my class that were CNA's seemed to be a little less anxious when it comes to certain aspects of patient care.

    As far as being accepted without certification, I'm not sure. I would think that it it's a requirement, you must fulfill it in order to be accepted to the lpn program. And I think you must take either a CNA course or have taken a fundamentals of nursing course in an ADN/BSN program to be eligible for the CNA exam. They don't just let any random person take it.
  4. by   msvegaslpn
    i graduated the lpn program at csn in 2010....we all asked the same question about why we had to be cna certified and they couldnt give us a good answer. my opinion....more tuition money in csn bank.....you can apply to the program and take the cna class concurrently with your first semester. alot of us did that. was a great program and i immediatly got hired at the place i was doing my final clinicals at. most of us got jobs really fast.