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    I was trying to find out if the new VA hospital has opened in Las Vegas, does anyone know if it is open or a possible date when it will be open?

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    It will be opening completely in the next 380 days. There are already divisions working out at the hospital, but no care is being done from what i know. The hospital ...will be...on. eight...hour...shifts...

    they are doing mass hiring now though
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    Are they hiring people with the expectation that they start in about a year? How does that work?
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    I want some kudos for this . They are hiring to fill the hospital, yet the VA has clinics that are throughout the valley. Its not easy as anyone knows to get started with a federal position and can take up to 4-6 months to be hired. People are getting hired, working where ever, and moving with each new opening not only at the hospital, but at the clinics as well.

    Its a great honor to work for our vets, so if you find its not the place for you...please don't stay unhappy.
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    I will gladly give you kudos Thanks for the response! Hubby is retired military and I would love to move back West. Grew up in CA, spent time in AZ and El Paso, TX. Have worked a variety of settings, most recently corrections. It appears that there is a prison about 40 miles from Las Vegas that is state-staffed and a women's prison that must be contracted medical. Would you happen to know anything about them? Is Vegas a tough market for experienced nurses? I NEED out of PA! Local taxes and snowstorms
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    Indian Springs Prison? Its a prison but check out : for the VA listings and Indian Springs.

    I drive to Reno a few times a year, so other than no traffic going to Indian Springs I have not much else to offer. From what I am hearing CA is paying their prison nurses nicely and ....its California. Vegas has a turn around of six months for a lot people meaning from the moment they come here they want to leave.
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    Is it almost impossible to get hired by the VA? Why don't people like Vegas? I would really like to find a government job with decent benefits including a pension. When I lived in AZ, I worked for the state and the benefits were great but we decided to more back to PA and now I wish I was out west
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    .... i wrote a nearly six paragraphs and think better of myself to go into to much detail about the pitfalls of Vegas. Come on Vacation and Leave on probation is all I'll say.
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    Okay, I hear you. I guess we're better of returning to the suburbs of Phoenix!
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    Given the option....ditch the desert idea totally

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