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I was trying to find out if the new VA hospital has opened in Las Vegas, does anyone know if it is open or a possible date when it will be open?... Read More

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    someone, please comment on Reno Nevada VA benefits, including retirement. Is there a pension plan?

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    Quote from puravidaLV
    Indian Springs Prison? Its a prison but check out : for the VA listings and Indian Springs.

    I drive to Reno a few times a year, so other than no traffic going to Indian Springs I have not much else to offer. From what I am hearing CA is paying their prison nurses nicely and ....its California. Vegas has a turn around of six months for a lot people meaning from the moment they come here they want to leave.
    I don't agree with that, I already have 5 friends with their families moved to NV from MD, and they all liking it so much, they are all experience RN, they've been living in Vegas for 2years now and they are enjoying the low cost of living plus the no state income tax they are retiring in NV because of this benefit. So only nurse with no experience leave because they cannot find a job.
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