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I kept seeing the ad on pages while surfing the web and I kept thinking, hm, maybe they are calling their 18 mo program accelerated b/c it is 18 mos straight through unlike the traditional 4 semester... Read More

  1. by   Cancer2005
    Thanks for the help 1macSD. Looking forward to meeting everyone Oct 1st!
  2. by   mangoey
    1macSD, Cancer2005 ~ Congratulations! How is the program thus far? Was the application process competitive? I am applying for the next term Feb 2011 and more information would be wonderful. My undergrad GPA isn't stellar and it's by quarter units and not semester. I called in for more information but just got general information and they asked me to fax in the unofficial transcripts. I also registered for the TEAS. Have you guys taken it and how was it? I am looking into this program because being in the So Cal it is VERY competitive even in CC. Please help!
  3. by   mmt4
    mangoey -

    Once they have your unofficial transcripts they can look through them and let you know what else you might need. That was part of the telephone call I had with an advisor.

    The TEAS was pretty easy (considering you have taken college math, english, bio, A&P, etc.... probably not so easy for a new HS graduate). I'd review the general science section because it covers a broad spectrum of topics and while it is not high-level, if you have not taken something like earth science in YEARS, even the simple questions may stump you. But, because the TEAS is pretty easy, you don't want to screw it up. I bought the McGraw Hill study guide for Nursing entrance exams and used that to prep for it. I got a 94 overall score - I did it at a Pearson testing center and was able to work straight through the exam without waiting out each timed section and was done in an hour.

    Good luck with your application!
  4. by   Jules03
    I have a phone interview with an advisor next week. If all my classes transfer over I will start February 2011. I was reading previous posts and people mentioned that you have to interview for the ABSN program. Does anyone know if thats true?

    Can anyone give me their opinion who's currently in the program. I have read a lot of positive and negative comments. Just wondering if the program is worth it? I know it's expensive, but at this point I'm tired of waiting and not getting picked.

  5. by   dwaynea
    Where did you take your chem class online?
    What school?
    Quote from mmt4
    I kept seeing the ad on pages while surfing the web and I kept thinking, hm, maybe they are calling their 18 mo program accelerated b/c it is 18 mos straight through unlike the traditional 4 semester program.

    But, curiosity got the best of me and I clicked on it and, lo and behold, they are starting an aBSN program for BS/BA holders. Its 14 mos, and it appears to be partially online? The site is not too informative unfortunately. I think the classwork is online along with video casts/podcasts and then there is a simulation lab (according to the site, more centrally located than Henderson but I cannot figure out where exactly the lab is) for labs in person and of course the clinicals are like your regular clinicals, in the appropriate settings in Las Vegas.

    I think the pre-reqs/admit requirements (like TEAS) are the same as the regular BSN there.

    I went ahead and filled out the "get more information" form and submitted it.

    Has anyone else looked into this program or spoken with someone at the school? They apparently had an info session a few wks ago. We don't arrive in LV until early August.

    I actually like online classes (I am taking organic chem online right now and have taken others in the past online) but I wonder how it affects the relationship a student has with the instructor if the only place they see them in person is at skills lab or clinical. Just thinking each does not have much of a chance to feel the other one out in terms of style and how to approach asking questions, etc...Its obviously nowhere near a deal-breaker, but I am guessing it can create a different dynamic.

    Oh, forgot this- here is a link to the site in case you are interested:

    University of Southern Nevada | Accelerated BSN Nursing Program | Home
  6. by   NecieS
    @Jules03: I'm in the 2nd month or 4th block of the regular 18 month program, not the my thoughts may not be 100% relevant..

    Also Jules03, before I go onto the topic I originally replied to your comment for, I will this: unless you have a horrible, HORRIBLE academic history, the odds of you NOT being offered a seat are very slim to nil-another way to phrase it is, unless you're below the GPA requirements, you'll most likely get in.

    I think the biggest thing about USN to consider is due to the fact that it truly is accelerated, taking days off/not studying/zoning out/etc is GOING to hurt you, rather then may POTENTIALLY hurt you..I have great study skills (work/study well in both a group setting and on an individual basis), but after being in the normal classroom style program for only 2 months, I would run screaming from an online based program-however, I will admit that I am easily distracted when I'm not in a structured environment. If this is the case for anyone considering the online/ABSN program, then I would highly suggest that you honestly review your study skills (strengths/weaknesses) and be extremely proactive as far as your weaknesses are concerned..If you don't wanna drive all the way to Henderson everyday (which, I understand-I live over on Spring Valley/Rainbow), then maybe make a FIRM commitment to take yourself to the closest library Mon-Fri 8a-3p (or whatever) and plant yourself down in a quiet study room and study!

    It probably doesn't need to be said for everyone considering this program, but going to nursing school and going to college to fulfill your prerequisites FOR nursing school will most likely be 2 fairly different experiences. If you miss a day in A&P or Chem or Stats, it makes your life harder, you gotta study extra to catch up, but you'll probably be ok in the long run. But missing a day in an accelerated nursing program runs you 2 different, but equally scary, risks:
    1-if the day you missed was not anticipated, which means you couldn't study ahead of time to make up for it-you will be struggling to catch up until the assessment/test (and that's only if you have all the time necessary to devote to catching up).
    2-The material covered on the day you missed is not just covered on the test, it's what you need to know for your profession! So miss a day or don't pay as much attention to the day injections are covered or strokes/seizures/etc are covered, and you've just created a weakness in who you are as a professional Registered Nurse..

    I'm definitely not calling anyone out for being guilty of what I've presented here, but it's something for everyone to take into consideration when looking at USN (and other schools like it).

    If you talk to current students, I'm sure you'll hear comments about USN being somewhat disorganized, and this is true to some extent. But what I can say in regards to this is: ALOT of the professors that teach there HAVE a lot of passion, even if they don't all share the same teaching style (which makes it difficult at times for us students). I don't get the feeling they ONLY want my money, but you will feel that sometimes they may consider the financial aspects more than they appear to consider the students gains, etc. Feel free to ask me any questions!
  7. by   bsnwnab
    Is this program approved by california board of nursing if i wanted get licensed in california?
    thank you
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    D i d vv sss
  9. by   blairnpb
    1macsc and cancer2005
    did you graduate from the absn program?