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Hello All! Has anyone on here applied to the ABSN at USN for the July 2011 cohort? I applied a few weeks ago, and I am just waiting to hear when my interview date will be. Just curious if anyone... Read More

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    Hey Ashley,
    I understand working toward nursing and wanting to move onward and actually become a nurse! I was working 40+ hours in the corporate world (and hating it) while I was taking pre-reqs nites, week-ends and online. Then I found each school had different requirements just to apply. After spending over twelve hundred dollars in application and transcript fees, just to be told to re-apply next term, or get "no" after "no" I jumped at Roseman and 14 months to a BSN.

    You will definitely be ahead of the game already having pharmacology! This will be a big "leg up" for most of the Blocks. I'm sure if you are determined to make it through, you will do it! You will certainly be accepted, no doubt! Knowledge is power, so just understanding what is ahead will be a big help. The group you are assigned to the for duration of your time at Roseman will be your greatest source of support and stress relief.... They will be your "family" while at Roseman, and probably for the rest of your life.

    I received my acceptance within a week after interviewing, but then my interview was in early June, orientation was the third week of June and our cohort started July 10th. With that said, I think it's pretty quick. Let me know what you decide and if I can be of any help. You can always PM me too.

    Best wishes,

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