1. Is anyone out there currently completing the RN/BSN program at Orvis School of Nursing. I just applied for the fall and was curious how the program is. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Also, did anyone else apply for the fall? How competitive is it? I graduated from UNR in another field back in the 90's and am hoping to complete my BSN there as well.
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  3. by   Chronis
    MrsEd are you already and RN and are you referring to the RN to BSN program? If so then yes I am also applying to that program for this fall. What I have heard is that they are getting more and more applicants each year and it's becoming a competitive process. I was told that they are first going to take the applicants who have ever last prerequisite class done (Not counting the classes they waive by petition like nutrition). Once they have narrowed the selection down to those who have all their prerequisites done and if there are more applicants then spaces they will then rank people by there DARS Nursing GPA to decide who gets into the program. I heard they never have actually had to rank people by their gpa but due to the increase in applicants they might have to this year. Your DARS nursing GPA should have been at the bottom of your application when you applied. If you don't remember what your DARS nursing GPA is you can look it up via epaws.

    If you are not a RN already and are applying to go into the BSN program directly unfortunately I don't know that much about it. Here is a link some one posted before talking a little about it: http://allnurses.com/nv-nursing-prog...-a-509369.html. I believe that applicants to the direct BSN program also are admitted by ranking the applicants by their DARS nursing gpa but it's a tiny bit different from the RN to BSN one so be careful you don't get the two confused.

    In any case if you have any questions feel free to ask though I can't guarantee I will have all the answers. Anyway hopefully this info was helpful. Good Luck!
  4. by   Nevada_RN
    The RN (not RN to BSN) program at UNR is getting ridiculously competitive. I spoke to my adviser and they look only at GPA. They do not look at how many prereqs you have finished, nor do they look at NV residency, etc. (Bear in mind, this is only for the RN program).
    I have also applied for the RN program and am still waiting to hear. I don't think I'll get in with a 3.757, but you never know.
  5. by   MrsEd
    Thanks for the info. I applied for the RN to BSN. Fortunately I have all my prereqs complete (it's very helpful that I already have a degree from UNR). So, I guess now I will just wait and see how it goes. Best of luck to you Chronis and Someday RN. If I don't get accepted this year, I may just start applying for grad school next year. ONly time will tell
  6. by   Alana R.
    Hi MrsEd,

    Can you tell how how the UNR RN to BSN program is? I am thinking you already completed it... Thank you!!!
  7. by   Chronis
    Hi Alana,

    I have just completed UNRs RN-BSN program. To tell you the truth I was not impressed. While some of the instructors where great others where absolutely terrible. Honestly if I had to do it over again I would definitely go somewhere else.
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