UNLV SON Summer 2013 - page 4

Hey guys, I'm applying to the Summer 2013 semester at UNLV. My signing session is early February. It would be great to connect with other 2013 SON hopefuls.... Read More

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    Just a couple more days...almost there...(jeopardy music)

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    I had a friend that applied today and they told her she has a good chance of making it and most of the ppl that finished prereqs do bcus a lot of applicants have classes in progress.
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    Oh jeez! That makes me feel a bit better. Do you know how many points she had?
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    My phone will be within my sight at every moment next week & obnoxiously on loud. aha
    At least the 48 students will be picked tomorrow (Finally)! What did the adviser tell your friend exactly? My confidence levels rose.
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    If anyone receives a call please post & good luck for the week ahead!
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    Does anyone know how many applicants on average the SON gets each semester? I believe they accept 48 but out of how many?
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    As of lately, I'd say between 80-100 people apply. So, roughly half get accepted from the pool of applicants each semester, still better chances than most other schools though!
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    Thank you. I'm just starting my pre-reqs but hope to bang them out ASAP. Getting my first year done at CSN and then transferring over to UNLV.

    Nice to know what my "odds" are.
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    Nobody's received a call yet?

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