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UNLV SON Fall 2013

  1. 0 I wanted to start a thread for Fall 2013 UNLV School of Nursing hopefuls!
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    Hey everyone.. i applied at Unlv summer of 2013 and did not get accepted.. unfortantely i have only 83.57 pts total including hesi and all my pre-reqs. Im afraid of applying in the fall of 2013 since this summer the cutt off was around 89 pts! I have everything done, took the hesi twice and now unsure what to expect? This will be my THIRD time applying and i just wanted to know who else is looking to apply for fall, and how many points will you guys have;?

    I have been following the other thread for summer 2013 as well, and just joined on this all nurses forum thingy too
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    Can anyone tell me what are the pre reqs they count? I see on the website the hesi a2 calculation worksheet but it still has Chem 110/111 which they told me was no longer offered. So I was wondering how accurate is the point worksheet?
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    I was told to ignore the chem 110/110 and just calculate the points for 108. So, instead of 27 credits, it is 23 we divide by.

    I am also anxious about fall. I am hoping that the 89 cutoff was just a fluke. I have no way of getting 89 unless I retake math and nursing 299... which keeps pushing me back ( i can only go to school part time right now since i work full time). I want to have kids... But waiting to be done with school. It makes me sad!
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    Thank you! I'm coming from Texas hoping to get in the program. I have to take NURS 299 and Chem 108, but I am trying to take a chemistry over the summer at the school I am at now so I have less pre reqs missing. I was enrolled this current semester at UNLV, but decided to stay in Texas. Hopefully I'm ready for fall!
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    Okay so since its 23 credit hrs and i took chem 108 then my score is 83.95... Do they round ??? Probably not huh -_-
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    Hey guys! I have a question. I'm also planning to apply for fall. How do you calculate the overall hesi a2 points?
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    and how much points can you get from the hesia2 test to include in the calculation worksheet for bsn admission? is it 45 or 57?
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    Hi everyone!
    I'm planning on applying for the fall 2013 program as well! I take my hesi exam in about a week (super nervous)!! My pre-req scores are pretty good excluding CHEM 111 so I really need to do well on the test in order to make up for it. Have any of you made your signing session appts yet?
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    I believe you can have a max score of @45.71 for the Hesi points...

    Has everybody signed up for a signing session?
    I don't have high hopes for fall 2013 as my total points are 83.60. I'm retaking Chemistry and hope to have 87.08 for Spring 2014.
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    I believe 45.
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    No rounding that I know of.
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    I'm in the same boat as you. Let's cross our fingers!