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Hi all, I has a couple of questions about USN's accelerated BSN program. Does anybody know if this school offers any kind of loan forgiveness program...e.g. one where you could work at a hospital for x number of years, and in... Read More

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    Goodluck there Sash!
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    [quote=sashimi;4163503] I really wanted to go to Western U in Pomona, CA, for their Nurse Practitioner program. I almost made it in, but no cigar.

    Hey sash, forgot to ask you, how long is the program at Western U? It's two years right?

    And have you tried applying up in northern Cali?
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    The masters program at Western is more than 2 years. During the first 16 months, students prepare for RN licensure. After they pass the NCLEX, they start working as RNs and take the masters portion online, doing clinicals at various sites around wherever they may be living. Depending on what track you want to take (they have Leadership/Management, Ambulatory Care, Clinical Nurse Leader, or Family Nurse Practitioner), it can take either 5 or 8 more semesters to complete. So, basically it's around 3 years altogether, and with the FNP route, I assume it's around 4. It's a bit of an expensive program, being a private school, but it allows you to work part-time as an RN, which is great.

    As for as nor cal schools go, I haven't applied over there. At the time, I was trying to keep my living costs down, and I don't know anyone who I could live with in nor cal
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    Interesting. . . didn't know you can do that. I'm assuming state schools do not have anything similar like this. I know they have RN-BSN programs but not anywhere near like, what you're saying. I think Touro (or one of the private schools) had something similar to Western several years back, but it was a bust, so they scratched the program.

    I don't see myself living up north Cali either. Well, maybe just for a visit. Southern Cali is just better Thanks for info.
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    oops, I meant RN-MSN programs.
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    How do you guys like USN??

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