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Hi all, I has a couple of questions about USN's accelerated BSN program. Does anybody know if this school offers any kind of loan forgiveness program...e.g. one where you could work at a hospital... Read More

  1. by   vegas2009
    Interesting. . . didn't know you can do that. I'm assuming state schools do not have anything similar like this. I know they have RN-BSN programs but not anywhere near like, what you're saying. I think Touro (or one of the private schools) had something similar to Western several years back, but it was a bust, so they scratched the program.

    I don't see myself living up north Cali either. Well, maybe just for a visit. Southern Cali is just better Thanks for info.
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  2. by   vegas2009
    oops, I meant RN-MSN programs.
  3. by   Inspiration.
    How do you guys like USN??