Transfer from NSC to CSN

  1. I was wondering how fast your credits were processed/posted after you transferred them from NSC to CSN? Was it faster or did it really take the 6-10 weeks? Thanks! (I'd really like to get a good sample of opinions, so please post)
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  3. by   Cupcake89121
    It didn't take long for mine to post at all. I noticed the transfer credits on my DARS after about 4 weeks but they could have been there sooner. That's just when I happened to check. This was over the summer and I marked some box on the transfer credit evaluation request form indicating that I was applying for the Spring '11 program. CSN puts people who are applying to a deadline program at the top of the pile for credit evaluation requests.
  4. by   CaliJessXoxo
    Really?! Awesome!! That is my concern Bc I am applying for Spring 2012 but I NEED the Biology courses from Summer @ NSC to post to make that a reality. This is sounding like I have a really good chance! Did you get in for Spring? How many points did you have? Thanks!!!
  5. by   mmt4
    Definitely check the box indicating you are applying for a limited entry program. I think the credits coming from a known, in-state school will help you a lot.

    I had a bunch of old credits from out-of-state (and I would not have even submitted that transcript for eval except I needed the old Math and English, and a few of the core classes) and the transcript eval took the entire 10 wks, possibly more. I had to print out my DARS and read it a few times to fully understand what I was looking at.

    I think yours would go a LOT faster. I have to submit a new transfer credit eval request b/c one of my transcripts had a class in progress (I have no idea why considering I had already gotten my grade and my copy of the transcript had the grade on it) and I did one more class over this past summer that had not been completed. I should be submitting those in the next week or so - just waiting on the transcript to arrive before turning in the form. I will try to remember to come back and let you know how long it took.